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Im not sure if its appropriate to post this topic in this section of the forum, but I thought I would give you guys first shot at a pair of shoes I am putting on Ebay in the next day or two. I have owned a pair of John Lobb Chesland boots, size 10E, in black for about 1 year. I am obsessive about taking care of them, and they are in fine shape. The Chesland is their version of the classic chelsea boot, with a single leather sole. I bought them at the John Lobb store on Madison Ave. in NYC. I love them, but simply dont get to wear them as often as I would like, and it doesnt make sense for me to keep them any longer. In any case, I thought perhaps someone on here would be interested in them before I put them on Ebay. If there is any interest I wont even put them on Ebay. I am going to scan some pictures of them later this morning.