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Did he find a job or something? In the past few days, he has not posted as heavily as he used to.
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Job is for farmer too. Ernest has discovered a way to spend all day shopping while collecting government unemployment checks and living free with mom and dad. He once explained how you can remain unemployed and still have plenty of money left over for shopping. Quite ingenious and it was most generous of him to explain how to go about it. Everyone was very impressed with his resourcefulness and creativity, much work went into his plan I am sure.
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So we may ask if Ernest is the ultimate dandy.
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Alchimiste:  According to Ernest's Guide to Proper Dressing the following rules apply: 1.  Brown is for farmer 2.  Alligator and crocodile are only for gangsters Thus using a little bit of deductive reasoning you can be relatively certain that you are dealing with a farming gangster next time you see someone wearing brown gator shoes or belt - thus you will know to mind your manners.
He also said my brown and white spectator shoes where for black gangsters. His phrase, not mine.
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