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Tailors Everywhere

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It seems that every few days, there are inquiries for tailors in various cities. Everyone feel free to add the names of reputable tailors in your area and lets see if we can add this to the HOF. Edit: J...can you get rid of that apostrophe in the topic...especially if you paste this We need to be able to edit topics...
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you mean we need to be able to edit topic's.
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Boston: Rizzo Tailor 66 Church street (Harvard sq) Cambridge, MA Joe is a true artist, and it is always a pleasure to work with him.
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I second Rizzo Tailor. Joe is a fine bespoke artist, but he also will take alterations work from hemming jeans to cutting buttonholes on Kitons. A wonderful eye for both fit and style. Each time I go to him is an education.
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Please post tel/fax, email/URL if applicable.
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Joe at Rizzo's is a real gentleman - treats all his customers with respect - and a great tailor to boot.
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Anything in Chicago? Can you add please general estimations of costs and style. B
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Brussels: direct tailoring-la cambre
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In Downtown Boston I like Beauge's Tailoring in Pi Alley (off Washington St.) I've never had a problem with his alteration work.
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DC anyone???
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Field is the best in DC. I know of a couple of others, but Field is the only one I would recommend.
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