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Joseph Abboud Sportcoat

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This needs no explanation...or does it? I didn't know Abboud made THIS kind of stuff. And of course, who doesn't need a five-button suit?
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i imagine that abboud regrets his name being attached to this abomination
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Wasn't there a thread recently about someone looking for a pic of a horizontally striped suit? I wasn't sure anyone would ever find one, but lo and beholdwe've got a jacket.
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I'll bet someone at the Fedora Lounge would go for number three I'm surprised Abboud would come up with any of that stuff. He's usually a little more conservative then that.
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These must be from the time period when Abboud was not in charge of the designs bearing his name...right? Please tell me this is so. I mean, the guy used to work at Louis, Boston, then he went to Ralph Lauren. His personal taste is way above these abominations.
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Well, the seller's name is certainly appropriate.  Only "Prime Time" (or someone who wants to dress like him) would buy these items.
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...and although not Abboud, who can do without one of these?
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That first jacket reminds me of a horse blanket.
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The first one reminds me of what is often worn in my neck of the woods during our nine month winter: a Hudson's Bay Point Blanket Coat And that second one would be right at home in the closet of an old CBS sports guy: Heywood Hale Broun (Be careful with comments about the Hudson's Bay coat; my wife wears one quite nicely)  
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