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Originally Posted by Astan View Post
i dont get it... whats chrono... anyways. the worst yet for me is this guy who runs on the treadmill and groans the whole time like hes having sex. and he is like yelling. i could hear him across the gym. it was sort of.. uncomfortable.

Another poster here. Has a baby face kinda, kinda looks Armenian, wears baggy pants, looks like he'd be lost in a weight room. It was funny stuff.
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bbaquiran, I'm open to being educated on this but this was nothing like I've ever seen. This guy just looked terrible doing it. And then he went off to curl 10 lbs dumbells, so.....
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ahhh well now i know and knowing roughly 49.999999% of the battle.
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People that sweat like they took a shower and don't clean up afterwards. Who would want to use the airdyne after that?
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I hate when people grab a set of dumbbells or a barbell (not olympic...the short ones with set weights) off of the rack and start curling/shrugging/whatever right there.

Seeing fat people put out minimal effort on cardio equipment makes me sad. It's great that they're trying to lose some weight, but I think they just don't realize that what they're doing won't make a big difference.
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Fat people who work out once a week with their personal trainer and walk around like they own the gym.
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big, hairy, sweaty bears hugging every one of their friends their while chatting them up between sets. These are dudes that in any other gym would appear to be big, mean, straight motherfuckers, but since i live in palm springs, that type of person doesn't exist.
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Have you ever seen "that guy" bouncing the bar up off his chest doing bench press? I was working out in the late evening and I heard a loud cracking from a few machines over. This dude had been bouncing 315 pounds off his chest so hard he managed to crack a couple ribs as brought the bar down hard for the last rep. He said he was fine and immediately packed up and stormed out of the gym. I'm guessing he made a trip to emergency later that evening.
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1. Leaky tire sounding people.

2. These two jacked dudes who are kind of late 40s and one in his late 20s but I dont think they are even gay (there are a lot at my gym) they are WAY into pep talking eachother etc.

3. We have a chick at our gym that moans when training with weights...its the funniest thing ever...the entire gym looks and laughs and she doesn't know.
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A guy in his mid 40's who tosses a 45 lb. plate on his back prior to doing pushups where he has about a 2" range of motion... His bench is about a 4" range of motion... I see him about 3 times a week doing the same exact workout.
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Originally Posted by JeffsWood View Post
Mine has to be the very Fat Chick who I see working out daily with PT for an hour. Been seeing her at the Gym for over a year now (and I understand she has been there for much longer) and she is still just as fat.

All the excercise in the wold isn't going to help her until she learns the "push away"

I've noticed a fat girl working out for about a year and a half now... she's getting better but I think she's having real food challenges at home.

Most annoying people at my gym: the trainer who wears neon outfits and who whoops all the time... the only trainer who apparently doesn't have to wear the uniform. The competition girls who leave their magazines and towels all over the cardio equipment and then spend 30 minutes chatting to their friends. The 16 year old kid who looks ridiculously out of place in a downtown penthouse gym (can't be anywhere near his high school). And the stinky guy who the staff had to ask to leave, as you could smell his BO across the gym.
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My last post was the dumbest but the weirdest would be this dude training for a BB show. He's about two weeks out from the show and in desperate need to show off his striated glutes to the other members. He strips down to his half thong, large poofy socks, Otomix shoes and starts doing heavy squats while screaming at the top of his lungs.

The owner went over after a couple sets to enforce the dress code.
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Their is a persian gym gang that works out at the same place i do. Their colors are -

(must)black wife beater
(must)blow out hair
(optional) bandana
(i think) eye make-up


every curl imaginable
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people who grunt/sounds like they are passing a kidney stone each time they lift people who fart in the gym - especially farts who smell like fresh-cut flowers
Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
^ i fart evertyime i train abs/core but i don't care because i'm not there to meet women or make friends, plus my farts smell like fresh-cut flowers.
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I could probably use some exercise, but these stories aren't exactly making me want to run out and join a gym....
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