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Originally Posted by FidelCashflow View Post
As an Omega owner, I'm offended.

Seriously? I also an am Omega owner and would be happy with this comparison, they both represent wonderful values for the dollar when compared to many other makes out there...then again I care little for percieved value.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post
I have a Tissot SeaStar 1000. Great watch for the money, and beyond it, really. One of the better buys under $1000.

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Tissot does make nice enough watches. I have no watch now but I have definitely considered the Tissot Heritage watches.

I lust for a Vacheron Constantin but since it will be many years before that will happen I am looking for a decent, dressy-appropriate watch and I think Tissot's Heritage do fit that bill. Given this sales season it may be time to get one on significant discount...
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Yes I just purchased a Tissot watch its very attractive I get a lot of compliments on it. Its not a well known as a Rolex but it is a very reputable brand from the swiss family of watches. The one I have I paid about 1300 for but worth it. Do buy the cheaper ones off line Tissot will not warranty them. For me any swiss made or swiss movement watch I would take over a Japanese movement brand. That's just me. I have this watch google this serial number T024.427.17.051.00 its black looks better in person. I paid 1300 for mine but have seen them as high as 1600 as low as 950 better to buy from a authorized dealer to retain the warranty.
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I can afford Tag, Rolex, etc., but the exact style I love was found in a Tissot Powermatic 80 COSC chronometer. Beautiful and simple style...exceptional reliability and accuracy. Unique movement and certification...why Tissot? Great watch, great brand, great value, and more than anything, it's what I like!

Let the debate begin again!
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I'm a big fan of the Tissot as well.  I have a Tag Heur and a Gerard Perregaux on the high end of my watch collection, but my everyday watch is a Tissot Le Locle Chronometre.  I love the thing.  The one other watch that gets significant wrist time is my Seiko "Sumo" for diving and outdoor use.  The Tissot, though, is my day to day companion.

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I don't go bonkers for watches unlike shell cordovans, but wanted a time piece as an M-F wear that can cater to suits but also to a certain level of casualness. 


My budget was < 5 bills. 


The PRC-200 (quartz) white dial caught my eye after browsing at a local AD. It was even cheaper via AMZN, albeit the chrono was a grey-market item. 


All-in-all, I can't say I'm an aficionado in the watch game, but Tissot does a lot for what I'm paying.  

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My wife offered me a Tissot perpetual calendar when we got engaged with a personalised engraved caseback. It holds a tremendous sentimental value but even if it wasn't the case I'd still love the watch. Sure, it's a Swiss quartz; not a mechanical, but I don't care. I wear it on a regular basis.

I find Tissot to be a good gap (along with Hamilton) between the cheaper brands (Seiko, Citizen and Bulova) and the pricier brands. Sure, I'm aware it´s not an Omega but it isn't priced as such either.

Go for it I say! I have a couple of Tissot on my wishlist!

Not my picture. I borrowed it on Google Image from a Watchuseek forum user.
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About a year and a half ago, I picked up a late '60's Tissot Seastar, via eBay. My first Tissot. The size and the uncluttered dial w/trapazoidal date window, appealed to me. (The current fashion for wristwatches the size of a pie plate, and the better part of an inch thick, with multiple sub-dials, isn't to my taste.)

It keeps good time for a mechanical movement (calibre 782-1), which isn't to say that it (or almost any mechanical watch) comes close to the accuracy of a quartz movement. Then again, so what if my watch is off by 20 seconds? I've never embarrassed myself in front of a client because I showed up 20 seconds early for a meeting. Nor have I ever been turned away by my host for having arrived 20 seconds late for a dinner party.

Anyway, it's a Tissot Visodate Seastar, with pearlized-look face. It came to me wearing a goldtone Speidel stretch band, which I more or less immediately replaced with a reddish-brown faux crocodile 16mm strap I had sitting in a dresser drawer. I find it's versatile enough to look appropriate with anything from chinos to a suit. (I don't care that a fictional British spy has led people to believe that diver's watches are appropriate with anything up to and including a tuxedo. I'm a dinosaur, and still recognize a distinction between "sport watch" and "dress watch.")

In certain ways, I almost regard the watch as sort of a poor man's Omega Seamaster Deville (of its era). But it set me back rather less than the price of a tank of gas for my car, which leaves it a heck of a lot less expensive than a good condition vintage Omega Seamaster Deville. Thus leaving the Tissot as something of a "beater" dress watch, if that kind of description makes any sense.

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Just had to post a pic of my watch...and for only a little above $1,200...? Outstanding...

Let's start a debate over whose watch is more elegant...I vote for my Tissot...

Pictures anyone???

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Here's mine. I've had this for over 5 years. In that time the battery has been changed twice.

Not expensive at all, and gets plenty of admiring comments
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