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yeah, dont want to waste those 90 seconds every morning
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(David Bresch) I threw my Pantherellas from Sierra Trading Post out after about six months. The problem was not wear at all, they looked like they had several years left in them. I did not like their dull finish. I prefer "shiny" finish socks (this is the best word I can think of to describe it) that, and bright colors, which I is why I am enjoying my Bresciani socks so much (also from Sierra). There is a similar sock on Harvie and Hudson's web site and STP is out of Brescianis, so my next sock may be from them. So far, the Brescianis are wearing well.
Are you referring to the cottons or the merinos?
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Alex, I would appreciate it if you would bring up my and several others concerns about the limited wearability of these socks to your Pantherella representative. Feel free to have them send me a private message and we can all understand where the problems occured and take the steps to correct them. Thanks, Tom
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(Cuffthis) I would appreciate it if you would bring up my and several others concerns about the limited wearability of these socks to your Pantherella representative.
I have already begun to work on that. I honestly believe that something here is ... strange. I have received a number of e-mails about this thread from long-time Pantherella wearers whose reaction is one of total confusion. My reaction, as I stated above, is the same. I have worn Pantherella for a quarter century. I have sold it for almost as long ... and that is 10's of thousands of pairs of socks. Yes, of course, there have been problems. A run. A hole. A loose toe. A weakened top elastic. But it is so, so rare that I am really concerned with the general tenor of this thread. I have always sold only first-quality current stock. I don't even know if anything else (i.e. seconds) are sold by Panth. I know that they do private label work (i.e. Harrod's) and do not know what happens to overruns of those. This may take me some time, but I shall learn the answers. I may take the liberty of asking you and the others whose experiences have been poor a few questions after I know what to ask. I know that may sound stupid, but I have asked Panth to tell me some of the things (hardness of water, type of wash, dryer methods, etc.) which would be most harmful and am awaiting a reply. If anyone has the tags from any of the Pantherella's discussed above, they would be extremely helpful to me in unravelling this mystery.
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I remember hearing that some of the Pantherellas were made in England, and some somewhere else. I have bought several pairs at Marshalls on clearance, and returned most of them because they were either sheer or too big, or both. IIRC they were the size large, which is 10-13. The ones I bought were all made in England, and appeared well made, but as I said I didn't keep them long. Where were these suspect socks made, if you have the tag or can remember?
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I asked Pantherella about foreign-made socks. They replied that they had at one point tried making socks in Malaysia but quickly ceased. Some of those socks might still be on sale, just old stock -- like at Tricker's. I must have been lucky with my Pantherellas. They feel a hell of a lot better than no-name dress socks, they've lasted me a long time, and I have them in every thickness, material, and color imaginable.
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I still have the tags on 1-2 of the pairs as I haven't worn them yet. I will check when I get home tonight. But remember I bought about 25 pairs from the same store but they may not all be from the same lot. I appreciate everyone's input.
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As promised, I went and looked up the tags on the Pantherella socks that I originally mentioned. I only have 1 pair left with the original tags on it. They read as follows: Pantherella Made in England 70% cotton 30% nylon BASST Regular SKU 7 00833 40013 6 Retail $32.00 Sale $12.00 As mentioned above, I purchased about 25 pairs at once, so the pairs that didn't last very long may have been from a different lot but they were all purchased the same day from the same location. I am curious to find out why these only lasted as little as 1 wearing before tearing or wearing out at the toes or heels.
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I've got a ton of Pantherella socks, all bought at Neiman Marcus outlets. No problems whatsoever with mine, and some are going on 3 years old. Some of the very thin cotton lisle socks do show wear in the heel a but quicker, but that is to be expected.
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I just found a cache of about 2 dozen Paths and a handful of Byfords that were stored in an old trunk with the tags still on. Paths at 17.50 and 15.50 and 11.50 and Byford's at 8.50 and 9.50. Have no idea how old they are. Probably 15 years or so and bought at full-price. anyone ever figure out what the deal with the Panth. probs were?
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Just wanted to mention that today only you can get pantharella cotton socks socks (argyles and solids) at sierra trading post for under 10 bucks a pair. They're on sale today, and use coupon code ALVJAN1 for an extra 20% off. If you're spending $150+, use ALJAN1 for 25% off. My socks came to $9.57 a pair. Not bad.
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