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Pantherella socks

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Back in November, I was fortunate to come across a large stash of these socks reasonable priced at the Neiman Marcus Last Call in Franklin Mills, located north of Philadelphia. The prices were $7.99 - $12.99 per pair for socks that still had their original retail prices of up tp $45 per pair. I had a "gift" card from NM that gave me an additional 20% off my total purchase. I bought about 25 pairs,all different patterns, in fabrics that contained wool, cotton, cashmere, silk, etc. Well, to make a long story short, I only have about 10 pairs left. Some developed a hole at the heel after only 1-2 wears, some tore when pulling them up, some wore out at the toe during the first wear and some lost their elasticity after as little as one washing. I treated these socks with the same care I do with all my other clothing items. They were washed on delicate cycle and left to air dry, never in the dryer. Granted, I did not pay full retail for these but they were not seconds or irregulars. Even at $7 or so net price per pair, to say I am disappointed is an extreme understatement. Who in their right mind would pay $40 retail for a pair of socks that may only last you several wearings? The designs, fabrics and cut of these socks are very nice. The practicality and longevity of them is not. Anyone else have this problem? And what other manufacturer of quality dress socks would you recommend? Thanks.
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Whoa dude, I was there that (20% off) weekend too and bought some Pantherellas. Did you see the RJman? Not sure what might be the problem. It doesn't sound like you weren't rotating them nor that you were mistreating them. I've still got most of the Pantherellas I've ever bought including a pair or two that are ten years old. Certainly my pairs from Franklin Mills are doing OK. Cashmere socks generally wear out quicker than other socks -- the cashmere blend Pantherellas from Marshalls are warm and comfy but seem like they are wearing at the toe. This conflict of price versus longevity only gets worse -- the all cashmere socks, the most expensive, are the most likely to wear. Sorry this happened to you. Other people recommend Dore-Dore or Byford. Purple Label socks are OK. Pantherella makes Burberry and Richard James socks so you might want to avoid those. Corgi socks seem OK, and Scott-Nichol is another top brand. I had a bad experience with Falke.
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The best overall, most durable, socks I've come across are sold, by of all places, Brooks Bros. I buy their over-the-calf ones when they have a sale, made from wool with just enough nylon for added strength, for just a few dollars/pr. They last forever and are very comfortable. Grayson
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I agree about Brooks, but they never have the right colors. I buy most, in fact all, of my dress trousers from Brooks, but they seem to never offer socks that match the pants. I have a beautiful pair of light grey trousers and was forced to turn to Pantherella for socks. Right now I'm looking for an OTC sock to match a khaki colored pair, but I can't even find a Pantherella that matches.
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I have bought about 10 pairs of Pantherella wool/cashmere blend socks, and wear them almost every day. I've had them for about 3-5 months, and worn each probably 20 times, with quite a few washes in between, and they all appear to be in good condition still, I wonder if you got some from a bad batch or factory seconds or something?
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The thing to do is buy BB socks from their Website as early into their sale as possible in order to have access to the best selection. Or, try their Website when they don't have a sale, which would possibly offer the widest selection. I have an abundance of black, blue, dark brown, and beige BB socks. I also wash them on the gentle cycle, using organic soap (From Whole Foods markets) and either air dry them or put them in the dryer for a few minutes to avoid frying. Grayson
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FULL DISCLOSURE: I AM A PANTHERELLA RETAILER. Cuffthis - I am really surprised. I generally wear the wool casual Pantherellas because, standing all day, I like the bit of extra cushioning. I get 30-35 wearings & washings before toenail holes begin to develop. Same goes for the cottons. I should admit to destroying a few pairs of cotton dress socks by drying them in a hot dryer and ruining the elastic. Something in your sad tale sounds off-kilter. If Pantherella makes "seconds" available as sale merchandise, I am unaware of it. If, perhaps, they got stuck with some below-Pantherella-spec private-label merchandise I would find that more logical. This part "The prices were $7.99 - $12.99 per pair" really does not make sense if in fact they were first quality Pantherella's made to be sold as Panthrellas for it is waaay below the retailer's cost. I would be happy to assist you in this dilemna if you can think of any way I might do so.
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My every-day sock is gray all-wool Pantherella OTC. I've never had any type of wearing problem but I've avoided any blends. I've had wearing and pilling problems with the Ben Silver all-cashmere socks, but I should have known that when I bought cashmere.
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I have a pair of Pantherella from STP and honestly I can't feel that much difference than the ones that I bought from Wal-Mart.
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FCS, do you mean that you feel no difference between (a) Pantherella socks bought at STP and (non-Pantherella) socks bought at Wal-Mart; or (b) Pantherella socks bought at STP and Pantherella socks bought at Wal-Mart It's just that (b) sounds like such an unlikely scenario...
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I have had very much mixed experienced with Pantherella. I bought several pairs at Century 21 fo around $9 per pair about a year ago. All but one has held up brilliantly. The pantherellas that I bought at TM Lewin in London have worn out very quickly. I really like the Dore Dore socks, but they are very expensive. I have several pairs of the all cotton Dore socks and they are very comfortable and launder well. I made the mistake of getting the mid calf socks, which fall several inches below the mid calf. Make sure you get the OTC. I have a few pairs of the oTC wool Dore's, but have yet to work them into my rotation.
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I also have bought socks at Brooks Bro's, and find them to be quite durable and comfortable. Lately, however, I have been wearing some dress socks I found at REI, which are made to be quite breathable and durable. They are about $6-$10/pr. I don't know the brand off-hand, but I use them as liners when I am hiking also, or sometimes wear them when jogging. Great socks. I think they are made mostly of some synthetic material. Anyway, they last forever, and you can get them in gray, black, navy, etc.
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This part "The prices were $7.99 - $12.99 per pair" really does not make sense if in fact they were first quality Pantherella's made to be sold as Panthrellas for it is waaay below the retailer's cost. I would be happy to assist you in this dilemna if you can think of any way I might do so.
Last Call is Neiman Marcus' outlet. Most of the merchandise is first quality out of season stock returns from their retail stores, including Bergdorf Goodman. The socks in question were returns from the retail stores as they still had the retail stores original price stickers on them. As such, I can't imagine that they were seconds (how would you like to buy seconds at NM for full retail?). And many of the items at Last Call are priced at or below what I imagine their cost was, just to get rid of them. I say this assuming that selling items for 25% of retail is below cost. I gave these socks the same care I give my other socks, which are primarily Brooks Brothers and Polo, the two brands of over the calf pairs (the only style I wear) I can readily find at favorable pricing in my area. I usually pay (on sale) for these about the same range ($7 - $12 per pair). And they last me years. In fact, wearing out at the toe or heel is much rarer than having Mrs. Cuffthis loose one in the laundering process. For those who have followed my posts, pictures, and read the descriptions in the HOF what are you wearing thread, many of my clothes are up to 20 years old, including my shoes and suits, wear I am meticulous about maintaining them, rotating and resting them. I am not suggesting that I expect my socks to give me the same wear as suits and shoes, but I am stating that I know how to maintain and care for items. Longevity is important to me. I think I will go back to the brands that have treated me, my wallet and my tootsies well in the past.
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I wear all black gold toe thick cotton dress socks. all of my socks are identical, it makes things simple.
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I wear all black gold toe thick cotton dress socks. all of my socks are identical, it makes things simple.
That is almost criminal.
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