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did i over iron?

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hi all, last night, after washing and ironing my new light blue burberry dress shirt, i noticed that the color was a bit tinged with a brownish tone. is this the unfortunate effect of setting the iron at full blast (temp. wise) while ironing? was the cotton somehow burned? the label doesn't state the grade of cotton, but it is a fine, smooth fabric. i usually iron all my shirts in this manner, even fine white shirts, but have never seen this phenomena before. is there anything that can be done to salvage this shirt? obviously i'm very bummed since i don't normally buy shirts a full retail but this has the cut and fit i've been looking for. hate to think the shirt is ruined before even a first wearing. thanks for the help.
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Throw it in the wash and that'll take care of it. The discoloration was caused by a combination of the water (I assume you sprayed/dampened it when ironing) and previous staining on the ironing board pad. It's basically caused by the evaporation of water on the ironing board pad, where the minerals in the water are left behind. During the ironing process, those can sometimes get onto the fabric. Happens most often with very light blue broadcloths for some reason -- it'll come out in the wash. No long term harm (this doesn't sound like a burn).
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Is this avoided by using filtered water? I take the water for my iron straight from my Pur filter.
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Yes, I've found that this pretty much avoids the problem. Note though that a mere switch over isn't sufficient. If you've used non-filtered water in the past, inevitably that is already on the pad of the ironing board. The stain comes from there (that's where the minerals end up getting concentrated), not the water that is currently on the shirt. If you notice any brown spots on your ironing board pad, consider getting a clean one and the using filtered water going forward.
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Perhaps these are the remains of the washing powder. I've heard people mention that they can leave brownish stains when ironed. Mineral free water and a front loader has kept me from problems of this kind so take this with a grain of salt. Throw the shirt into the washer and see what happens. B
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May be related. Didn't Alex have some advice on one of the fora awhile back (can't seem to track it down) about using the salts left over from letting lemon juice dry and then rubbing it in to the fabric to take care of scorch marks on shirts? Anyone remember the process?
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Well, the good news is that I've only ever used purified water. Originally, this was not for the health of my clothes but for the health of my iron. Turns out that it's good for both.
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Rallymonster: Always use de-mineralized or distilled water (available from drugstores and grocery stores) to keep the iron's insides and steam portholes clear of mineral deposits that can build up. Some irons are designed to use regular tap water, but it's still wise to avoid tap water that is "hard" (high in mineral content) or has been softened by a commercial process. Also check the garment label for the iron temperature setting and follow it. Scorching permanently damages the fabric. The heat burns and weakens the fibers, and can also melt synthetic fibers, such as polyester. If the damage is slight you might be able to improve the look. Gently brush the area to remove charring. If the garment is washable, rub liquid detergent into scorched area. Launder. If stain remains, bleach with all-fabric bleach. Before using bleach test an area for color fastness. Good luck. Andy
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