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Over the past few years, I've had the great pleasure of selling clothes and accessories to many of you. It started small, and grew and grew as I found the whole thing more fun and more rewarding than I ever expected. As of today, I'm taking a giant step further. Howard Yount is open for business.

Howard Yount was a small-town haberdasher in the twentieth century, known for his service and integrity. He was also my grandfather. Today, Howard Yount is a men's clothing and accessories company dedicated to the uncompromising pursuit of style. Our goal is to provide high-quality products and customer service to discriminating men, all at competitive prices. Our limited launch collection, featuring a small range of excellent goods, can be found at A few of our items can be seen below.

Life is short, enjoy nice things.


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Oh my.

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Congrats - best of luck!
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Jamison, a heartfelt congratulations! Best of luck!
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Jamison, swell stuff.

- B
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You're a class act Jamison. It doesn't surprise me that you honored your Grandfather by naming your company after him.
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Wow. Congrats on your wonderful new venture!
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Congratulations and good luck!
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Yay, pointy-tipped knit ties!
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The antique mother of pearl cufflinks are outstanding. Well done and good luck!
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Congratulations and best of luck!
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You're "living the dream".
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Any discount for SF members?
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I've never bought anything from you or know you at all, but congratulations and good luck in your business!
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