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Dunhill Suits

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Alright, a pretty general question for anyone "in the know". Are Dunhill suits fused, half-canvassed, or fully-canvassed? What about silhouette? Slim or sack?
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The Dunhill tux I have is a fully canvassed St. Andrews, made in Italy.
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The Dunhill silhouette has recently gotten much slimmer and contemporary--to my eye it looks Continental rather than traditional, Savile Row-inspired. (I assume they are trying to appeal to younger customers.) I believe that Richard James has been overhauling the RTW clothing collections, and they have also been updating their leather goods. Question: What is the difference between "dunhill" and "Alfred Dunhill"? I saw some "Alfred Dunhill" sport coats and dress shirts in SFA recently, but when I walk by the Dunhill store on 5th Avenue, the shirts on display in the window usually say only "dunhill" on the label. Given that the "Alfred Dunhill" shirts have a retail price of $225, they hardly seem like part of a diffusion line.
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Fused/half/full -- depends on where they are made and what line it is from. I find it impossible to tell from the label alone. The editions made in Italy have been uniformtly fully canvased in my experience (but I could be wrong). On the other hand, any suit made in Portugal is fully fused. I'm not sure if Dunhill even makes suits in England anymore (or ever did), but I imagine that if it is made in England it is fully canvassed. Rule of thumb, if it's made in Italy assume it's fully canvassed but still ask the seller and wait for your answer (discostu's suits are undoubtedly fully canvassed).
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Indeed Richard James is revamping the RTW, check out the website for the new one button and DB sportcoats. The Alfred Dunhill found in SFA is the firms trad line, also available is the motories line which is a casual line of clothing not carried in AD NYC. Both the Dunhill and Alfred Dunhill collections are fully canvassed for 2005, all made in Italy.
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Dunhill Tailors was a custom tailor on the north side of 57th street. It was then bought by Alfred Dunhill and joined their shop on the south side of 57th st. They gave up the "Dunhill Tailors" label and became "dunhill" on their suit label.
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Shirtmaven posted on this awhile back. Check the second page:;st=10 Carl's knowledge of the trade is pretty unbelievable.
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