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fake sugar canes ?

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it was only a matter of time

note: these are extremely rare !(only one seller distributes these fake sugar canes atm)
happy bidding
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The question is if these jeans even are aimed to be a counterfeit of the Sugar Cane jeans known in the vintage denim replica community. These look so far away from the Sugar Canes we know about it makes me wonder.
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Check out the seller's other items. He's got jeans from all the famous brands: Disel, Amani, Vesace, and DG.
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These are fucking hideous, if only I could unsee what I have just seen.
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i was a victim of buying fake diesels a few years ago, after that i learned my lesson.
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anyone who buys those thinking they are actual canes deserves to get those.
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Actually... Those are samples of the new line that's being released in February...
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These must be the 2004 douchebag reproductions. Not bad. I'm waiting for the 2005 ripped and paint splattered hollister repro myself.
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