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I'm one of the colour blind gents who attended the 'Sartorial Excellence'.  My issue isn't so much with not being able to see the colours, I just can't name them, and have no clue what matches.  Thus, I end up with beautiful ties, the colours of which I love (but cannot name), and have no idea what to wear with them. But CF has some beautiful ties.  Just don't order them all up before my next paycheque arrives.
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Also Carlo, where is the black and grey paisley you hinted would appear on the website? It must be one of the 10 patterns 5 weeks overdue... Can't wait to see it.
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Also have some great looking ties. www.crombie.co.uk
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Stripes:  CFT39 (red Paisley) is coming in 3 shades soon.  A gold/gold/gold/taupe and a gray/gray/silver/charcoal/black.  It's due in February 1... which means it should only be a few more weeks. Rumor has it that we'll have another 5-6 patterns on Monday. I'm working on the "My monitor don't look like your monitor problem".  We're doing a couple things there: 1.  I'm toying with a gizmo that I had folks toy with last night Here that lets you really blow up the tie image. 2.  I'm also planning to figure out a way to link in some sort of Pantone test and brightness/contrast 'fix' page that will make them look as close to real life as possible. 3.  We're very slowly going to work on moving the ties into selected retailers soon.  Not many because frankly there is a limit to how many ties we can get made in a given period of time... We're working to increase production but that takes time or you have a major dip in quality. Thanks for your patience, we about gave the Fedex guy a heart attack yesterday and he went back for another truck, shipments from the past two weeks are just about caught up now.
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Carlo, That blowing up of the tie image is fantastic.... John
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I concur with JohnMS, the blowing up of tie images gives great detail. I looked at the red stripe / paisley tie, and it looks (colour wise and detail wise) very much as I saw at the Regency.
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Holy CRAP that gold medallion one is lovely.
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