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Is it ok to store shoes in their shoe bags, or should those only be used when traveling?
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If they are cloth bags, then they are appropriate for storage. Kai
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I like to clean my shoes on a regular, and even more prior to storing them away.   If they're sneakers, I make sure the soles are clean, as that's the place most likely to be dirty. A warm damp cloth should do. A toothbrush with soap for the smaller areas. Let them dry well. If they're my nicer shoes, I brush and shine them. The regular Kiwi product works well. Stick a shoe tree in them and put them in the original box or the cloth bag (if they came with one). That's about it. Key is to store them clean so they don't have anything permanent in them.
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I use the bags for my suede shoes to keep dust away. Leather shoes, I just store with trees and wipe the dust off when I put them on. Shouldn't do any harm though. B
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i'm assuming you're talking about the cloth shoe bags that came with your dress shoes. i've always thought those were for everyday kind of storage, not just travel. i keep wooden shoe trees in them too.
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