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Finding a good tailor has been one of the most frustrating and expensive experiences for me.  
Bry, you and are are members of a most unenviable group.  I feel your pain, brother.  I've spent, er, wasted enough very hard-earned money to buy a decent house in certain parts of the country, and I'm not exaggerating.  I have, fortunately, found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow here in NYC, however I may need to find a pot of gold to continue to fund my vice.     Grayson
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Away for a week or so to find "Grayson" (lisapop=uriahheep)having a conversation with himself again. But at least the voices are informative, pleasant, and helpful to other members.
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Es ist falsch. I was guilty of wondering if "Mitchell Murray" was "Grayson," but I most certainly am not "Grayson." On what basis do you allege that I'm "Grayson?" I posted this:
Probably go with Raphael if the price difference isn't significant.
on page 2, this:
Do you take part in equestrian activities?
on page 3, and this:
Marc: read some old posts at AA - you seemed equally excited about Darren at one point as you are now about Joe Morgan, that you reached "the top of the world" or something to that effect...until you received the finished garments. Why order so many garments the first time trying out a tailor, and if you're perfectly happy with Raphael, whom you proclaim as the best tailor, why try anyone else? Based on your commissioning hacking and shooting jackets I've got to ask, are there really that many horses and deer in Manhattan or NJ?
on page 3. Please don't hurl such accusations without sufficient basis. I ask you kindly.
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Bry, regarding New & Lingwood, I tried a "bespoke" shirt with them, but, not to sound like a curmudgeon, it just did not impress me.  This is the latest, and, mercifully, the final disappointing venture for me with English shirtmakers (Fortunately, this time it was limited to just one shirt, unlike the surreal 25-shirt experience with Hilditch.)
I had the same experience with New & Lingwood. Their shirt just totally missed the mark. They didn't even cut the neck to the correct size, leaving me with 16" (before shrinkage) when I stood there with their shirtmaker and told him my neck was a 16.25", which he then proceeded to confirm with the tape. The sleeves were also too short, the shirt was barely long enough for me to tuck into my trousers--basically a complete disaster. But like you said...luckily they allow you to order just one shirt.
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Hey Bry, just a thought for you, and for others not absolutely requiring custom suits (And, God bless you one and all who don't)---You might want to consider the option of St. Andrews made-to-measure. My very first high-end sport coats were made by St. Andrews, the only ready-made jackets that have fit me well. Combined with the highest standards of quality workmanship, I hold SA in great regard. And, for what it's worth, so does a certain Argentinian tailor in NY who describes SA as being sewn with "a fine needle". My suggestion would be to try the program at the Davide Cenci, boutique on Madison Avenue, NYC, one of my very favorite stores anywhere. I believe they are having a MTM trunk show soon, offering excellent choices of English cloth. You'll receive personal attention from people who really know their business. Ask either for David Cenci himself or Antonio, an especially nice salesperson. Their in-house tailor, Pasquale, is excellent. If I can't work it out to have a suit made in Italy by Mario Caraceni or Mariano Rubinacci, I may try a St. Andrews suit. Grayson
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I also have very high regards for Sig. Siviglia and his daughter, they're among the nicest people you can ever meet, and their work is outstanding.
MCA, Sig. Siviglia and Francesca are also endearingly customer-appreciative.  With the first 4 shirts I ordered, it turned out there was a slight misunderstanding on *my* part about one minor design aspect of the shirts---To my astonishment, they made 4 new shirts to replace those first 4 shirts, without my asking, simply because they wanted me to be completely happy.  They can't do enough for you as a customer.  Contrast this with Hilditch & Key, who made about 25 shirts for me, each with sleeves too long or too short (Their fault), and returning the "fixed" shirts (Brand new, never worn shirts, I might add), with hundreds of holes in the shoulders and cuffs where they repaired the sleeves, and telling me that after a few trips to the laundry the holes will fade.  Then, they told me to get lost, which I was happy to do. The Siviglias are a paragon whose business practices other firms should aspire to. Grayson
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Es ist falsch. I was guilty of wondering if "Mitchell Murray" was "Grayson," but I most certainly am not "Grayson." On what basis do you allege that I'm "Grayson?"
And why would you be wondering if "mitchellmurray" was Grayson???
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And why would you be wondering if "mitchellmurray" was Grayson???
Consider this: all of Grayson's posts concern Raphael and/or Siviglia. Isn't that as obvious as it gets? Read what mitchellmurray wrote most recently before he was banned. As I said, though it was not my place to do so, I accused the now-banned mitchellmurray of being Grayson. But I'm still convinced that mitchellmurray was Grayson. If you have doubts beyond this, that's plain ridiculous. Your forum is interesting, but now your accusations are souring the experience. Should I regret buying your book? And now, for the Foxx icon:
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uriah seems almost certainly not to be Grayson. In fact, he's shown some hostility to Grayson in the past. Mr. Heep often offers some interesting inside the industry tidbits and insights. As long as lisapop behaves himself it's good to have him around. I believe RJMan has commented on how constructive Grayson can be when he's popping in from time to time as a "banned" member. I agree.
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Mr. Grayson, thanks for sharing. Sorry about your experience with the English company. Although there are some fairly good ones, H&K is essentially a factory; the work from an experienced and trained artisan is in an entirely different category. Your experience with maestro Siviglia doesn't really surprise me. Even though I am a difficult and demanding customer, our relationship is like that of very old friends. Cheers.
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Uriah: If you are indeed not "Grayson", then I most humbly and heartily apologize. I was going on information given to me within the last week by other members more familiar with various "Grayson" incarnations on AskAndy. Nevertheless, I have been light in my tone toward both you and lisapop...No harm is meant. Marc will continue to register under a plethora of names, and neither J. nor I care if he does so, as long as he follows the same rules everyone else does when they post.
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MCA, given bespoke clothes are a luxury, not a necessity, it's just not acceptable to receive second-rate service or product, or both. The experience is that much more gratifying when the highest expectations of quality are shared *both* by the customer and the purveyor. It all comes down to integrity and pride in what you do in life. Grayson
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Steve: Thank you. No hard feelings here.
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I would also place the Marinella family on a similar pedestal for offering the highest level of quality neckties and service. Grayson
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As a newcommer to the Custom Made suit world...the best tailor in NYC would be Raphael? Has anyone hear of David Lance?
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