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I don't go to any of those stores. I buy sports clothes (a/k/a casual) at the same place that I buy tailored clothing, such as Oxxford and Brooks Bros.
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I like J Crew and some BR items on deep discount. I've pretty much quit the GAP, although I have several GAP items I still use. I go to TJ Maxx/Marshall's for a lot of basics, and, of course, thrift and consignment stores where I can pick up Brooks Brothers and Polo casual wear.
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OK - I voted for the Gap, but I have to admit I buy a lot of basics at Costco. Underwear, t-shirts, socks, basic Levi's, golf shirts, shorts, buttondowns, sweaters, etc... Bradford
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Filene's Basement, the real one, Downtown Crossing, Boston.
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I mentioned department stores above, but I forgot to mention my purchases from this weekend: a navy 3/4 zip lambswool sweater, gray wool pullover, and blue cords, all by Polo. Total price $63.
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I haven't really found a place with slim enough fits but good enough fabrics. Does it just not exist? I can't seem to get really basic slim-fit dress shirts or even just cotton-crew necks or wool sweaters for tall people with long arms. Do you have to buy expensive designers for this? Even so, I hate getting Forget slim-fitting pants in good wools. H&M sometimes comes close, but obviously the fabric and work is bad. It's not like my physique is that unusual.
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This is probably my favourite 'basics' store, and most convenient as well.
Usually has most things I need.
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1. J Crew 2. Banana 3. Polo I used to shop a lot at Banana but over the past few months it has been increasingly difficult to find anything I like in a slimmer fit. And their prices are pretty high, the best incentive with Banana is they have great sales and coupons. Sometimes you can get 50%-60% off items. J Crew has a much more appealing year round selection and they take great American classics and improve them (i.e. this past fall the denim shirt, slim fit cords...) The only downside is they are little expensive at times, but the quality is good. 50% of my basics come from them. Shirts, casual dress shirts, cords, khakis.... You name it
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Lands End, though I think my tastes run much more conservative than many on the board.

Same here and I like how LE is very affordable, have great customer support, and usually free shipping or found at Sears. I used to love J.Crew but they've marked up considerably and their styling has gone too "hipersterish" for my tastes. Gap and Target is not bad for the basics either.
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American Apparel - undershirts, tees
Banana Republic - occassional sweater, underwear, shorts
J Crew and BB - button downs, sweaters
Canada - Harry Rosen has a good selection of casual wear, albeit overpriced.
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