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Favorite "basics" store

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What is your favorite store to buy "basics" (i.e., non-dress clothes)?
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Polo retail or outlet stores. Substantially all of my casual clothes are RL. since this was not a choice, I voted "other" Not because of the label but because of the style. Substantially all of my clothes and shirts do not have the Polo pony on them. I just like the fabrics such as herringbones, houndstooth, etc. that I can find in RL casual wear that is hard to find elsewhere.
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Most of my basics are Banana and Express, I have a few things from Club Monaco, J Crew, French Connection, RL (Purple Label and regular), and Zara as well.
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I used to buy a lot of basics at Banana Republic. But lately I have seen the quality go down and the prices go up. They are now charging $98.00 for some of their l/s woven shirts a ridiculous price if you ask me. Lately I have been buying more things at J Crew. They have improved their quality over the past few years and I seem to find more and more things that appeal to me. It doesn't hurt that they carry Tall sizes on-line either.
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Tough to say. I guess it depends upon one's definition of dress clothes, since I have cashmere sweaters that I will wear both with jeans and to work with trousers. I go to different stores for different things. I still like Banana for casual shirts sometimes, and I like their premium sweaters. I like J.Crew though rarely find things there on sale (love their pique polos though). I actually get most of my casual clothes as odd pieces from Filene's Basement. I mean, $45 for a pair of Varvatos cords? $15 for a Calvin Klein collection casual shirt?
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Yeah, I don't typically buy at that type of store unless things are on deep discount. Express has good sales from time to time and you can get dress shirts for like $10-15 and their wool slacks for $30-40. Banana does not have usually have as good of sales, but sometimes there are bargains to be found as well.
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Lands End, though I think my tastes run much more conservative than many on the board.
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Non dress clothes are far more important to me than dress or business clothes, so I didn't vote. For jeans, I like the Hollywood Trading Company and other specialty stores; for tee shirts, I'll use American Apparel, but mainly just get them from specialty stores as well. And it's pretty much specialty stores for sneakers, outerwear and belts as well.
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I voted J Crew, but I've purchased a ton of basics at Harold's over the last year. Polo's are slightly larger than J Crew, but they've got these amazing bluish MOP buttons. Not a flat front pant in sight though.
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I voted for Banana Republic, but I also get a lot of 'basics' from L.L. Bean - great prices and admirable quality. Panzer
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I wouldn't have thought I'd be the first to mention department stores...I get quite a bit of stuff at Macy's and Kaufmann's (soon to be owned by the same chain). I can usually pick up Polo off the clearance racks at a pretty good discount at the end of the season.
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I voted for BR as well.  I particularly like it for slacks.  (The shirts look like the design team took Paul Smith's collection and put it into a copier.)  The quality seems a cut above the likes of Club Monaco, Zara, and H&M.  The key, of course, is never, ever pay full price for anything there.
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I don't know if it is a strictly Canadian phenomenon but I've always found good deals on casual stuff at Winners. I buy all my basics (undershits, underwear, socks, etc.) there and they often have great knits as well. Because they are a discount retailer you have to wade through a lot of crap, but I found some great deals DKNY collection sweaters. I do remember one forum member mentioning he found Brioni items at the Winners in downtown Toronto as well. A.
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I do remember one forum member mentioning he found Brioni items at the Winners in downtown Toronto as well.
Yeah, that was me. I saw three Brioni shirts for $108 CDN each and a Borelli (contrast collar button down -- wtf?) for $150. I was going to say Winners; they do a pretty good line in just about everything (including "dressier" items). But since they rely on overspill from full-price department stores, you can't rely on them to have what you want. For stuff like underwear, I'm going to have to big-up H&M again. They've actually inspired me to spice up my sock collection, and at $4.50 (CDN) a pop, it's going to get pretty spicy...
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I've said it beofore, and I'll say it again - for cool gym clothing check out Under Armour: Absolutely amazing - you'll never wear anything else to the gym. Panzer
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