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Originally Posted by hopkins_student,Mar. 07 2005,23:50
Originally Posted by uriahheep,Mar. 07 2005,20:47
To me angled pockets look a little strange on a business-type suit.  To my eyes the angle of the pockets makes the jacket seem extra-long.  The degree of waist suppression makes the jacket seem a bit...almost feminine, to me.  I really like the look of the fabric of the jacket pictured. The peal lapels and the angled pockets taper toward and, along with the single button, draw attention to the waist.
Me too.  Way too much hour-glass figured.
Aha, but that all depends on your body type. I have a V-shaped body and I look good only in tapered hourglass style waists. Boxy jackets make my body look as if it is swimming inside the jacket. Jon.
Ditto; I personally love the shape of that particular garment, which was even more striking in person. koji
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I wish that picture of the suit had been taken with the wearer; out of context, it is difficult to critique.
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Very true, a mannequin can only reveal so much. koji
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I saw it on its owner last week. It looked quite good. Remember that all coats are supposed to be longer in front than in back -- by, say, 3/4", give or take depending on the wearer's height and build. In the picture, the coat is undoubtedly pinned, which accounts for that pronounced angle along the bottom edge.
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I've got a pretty good "drop," so in order not to emphasize taper or on the other end end up wearing a sack-like suit I prefer natural-shoulder, unpadded jackets. For this reason, with the exception of some summer garments, I generally prefer cloths around 12 oz. - not too heavy, not too light. Practically everything about my anatomy allows my clothes to look pretty "normal." I don't have sloping, squared or uneven shoulders, my arms are actually the same length, I naturally stand straight with my arms backward, but my posture is not quite "erect," (almost sounds dirty, eh) so on.
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