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Darn right you're late to the party. Ignoring your posting duties to go off and play in New York perhaps?
Being in New York isn't play. It's hard work. Especially when you're around.
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Yeah, I've heard it all. I have no sympathy ... Gabor got me too.
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Gabor has a very nasty sales pitch... he pretends to have his hands full and then asks you "Could you hold this for me for a moment please?" thing you know you are the proud owner of a pair of Medallion Oxfords in Cognac. Bry2K - which model melted your heart? ...or can you narrow it down to a single pair? Note: I blame you all... I was perfectly happy with my cheap Ferragamos and AE's until you guys came along. A couple years ago if you asked me about the last in my shoes I'd have said "I dunno, a year or two". May your wives develop an affinity for Jimmy Choos and your children attend Ivy League schools.
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Regarding the prices... Where should I start?? The Sartorial Excellence price are appx. 30% off Louis retail, and Louis retail is 10-20% lower than it would be in other stores. Plus there is no 10-15% surcharge for the fact that they are custom orders, which is standard. Even at $1000 plus for the standard calf shoes Vass would be an incredible deal, as a comparable shoe from any other make would run you $2000 plus. At $650, lets just say that Gabor is being EXTREMELY generous. To put in perspective, this would be like finding a Kiton quality suit retailing for $2400 instead of $6000, and then getting an opportunity to have one made-to-measure exactly the way you like it for $1500... These opportunities don't come along every day, and aren't going to last, so if you want Vass shoes I suggest you order them now   Oh, and Gabor is not trying to rush anyone, it's just that this is a special arrangement and the orders have to go in together, or not at all. Edit - plus, the custom shoe trees are included. Any other brand would charge you an extra $100 for those, and they wouldn't be as nice...
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Just to chime in, I purchased a pair of Vass Budapests (Budapest last) back when Vass offered its special promotion to Styleforum members through AHarris. I never tried on a pair, but gave the sizes of several shoes which I owned to AHarris, who then suggested the appropriate size for me. Needless to say, the size was perfect. I wear the shoes frequently, and they are extremely comfortable and look great. I should also say that both AHarris and Gabor were excellent with regard to customer service. I highly recommend picking up a pair (personally, I'm having a hard time resisting the urge myself). You won't be dissapointed. Regards, Jeff
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