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Building a shoe collection

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OK gentleman. We've had this theme for suits, ties, sports jackets and shirts, so it's time to think about shoes. I'm prepared to admit that I am another one of those creatures who neglects the footwear aspect of the wardrobe. But admitting there's a problem is the first step (excuse the pun) towards fixing it, no? So... If you had to rebuild a shoe collection from scratch, how would you start? More specifically, what are the five or six essential pairs of shoes that every man should own?
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Hard to tell if we don't know what you do and how you dress.  Are you referring specifically to dress shoes?  If so, and you are looking at five or six essentials, I'd say: 1. Brown Oxford 2. Black Oxford 3. Brown Brogue (semi, wingtip, whatever, up to you) - probably in a different shade of brown than the above. 4. Brown Monkstrap (cause I like them) 5. Brown dress boot (cause I really like boots) Obviously, this is MY list, and only the first two are really going to be universal with everyones I think. Dan
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Heres my list pretty much what i am doing now minus the loafer cause i don't have a need for them considering i only wear suits when i work 1) Dark Brown oxxford 2) Brown oxxford 3) Black Oxxford 4) Brown Loafer 5) Brown brogue I didn't include boots because i figured you wouldn't have a need for them and monks i'm not a big fan. I like them as a casual shoe (i.e. jeand and such) but with dress wear i wouldn't get them. My next purchase is hopefully a brown brogue of some sort. Oh and i'm by no means an expert just did them in order of what i liked and am doing/have a need for.
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If I had to limit myself to five or six, here would be my choices: 1. Black captoe balmoral -- the classic with suits, and can go with black tie in a pinch 2. Black slim plaintoe blucher -- can go from the office to the club 3. Brown brogue -- balmoral if you wear suits, blucher if you don't 4. Brown suede captoe balmoral -- you need a pair of suede shoes, and this one goes with almost everything 5. Black chelsea boots -- perfect to wear with jeans 6. Wild card -- your choice based on your personal preference
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Demeis: Oxford: City and university in England that bestows its name on style of shoe. Oxxford: An American maker of fine tailored menswear. Got it?
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Demeis: Oxford: City and university in England that bestows its name on style of shoe. Oxxford: An American maker of fine tailored menswear. Got it?
sorry i just got so used to do doing searchs on ebay i forgot what i was typing. On a side not why is there no smily for embarrassed cause my face is pretty red.
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On the assumption that these are all supposed to be "˜dress' shoes... My personal preference in order of practical ownership: 1.)\tBlack calfskin/ balmoral/ captoe/ chisel toe/ leather sole The go-to business shoe. 2.)\tDark brown calfskin/ semi-brogue/ balmoral/ round toe/ leather sole The Scottie Pippen shoe. 3.)\tBrown (practical shade) calfskin/ loafer/ norwegian/ plain toe/ double leather sole The Thursday or Friday shoe. 4.)\tBlack shell cordovan/ ankle length boot/ chukka/ elongated toe/rubber sole The weather sucks but I still look better than you shoe. 5.)\tBrown calfskin/ whole cut/ chisel toe/ medallion/ leather sole The C&J Weymouth 6.)\tBrown suede/ full-brogue/ bal oxford/ any toe/ double leather sole The Dandy Strikes Back shoe.
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Black dressy shoe (your choice of style) Brown counterpart of the above shoe Black butch boot Brown boot - your choice of style Grey sneaker house slipper - your choice of style
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I only wear boots. I guess that is my style. chelsea boots, Italian boots, chukka boots, you name it. Am I breaking rules?
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Hey Walter, nope you are not breaking any of the rules. I wear boots as well as shiny dress shoes.
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