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Are the gingham shirts long enough that you could have a tailor put a bit of curve into the hem and still have enough length on the sides to hit at the top of the belt with mid-rise jeans like APC's?
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went down to Brighton to visit Jump the was very easy to find, just a short walk from the train station.

Here's a pic in front of the shop

With Jon and Adam, the guys behind the store and label. They are really nice and REALLY know their gear. If you have ANY questions regarding sizing or fit they know how to properly answer as they understand their clothing fit very well and who it is intended to fit. They were great to talk with and we could have easily stayed there for a big part of the day just talking about clothes, music etc but we had return train tickets that forced us to leave at a certain time.

some photos from the interior:

The Fred Perry rack...lots of top items to be found

Their JtG house brand shirts, these are their checked shirts. They also have solids

JtG rain macs....similar in style to Macintosh. Nice treated cotton fabric, good slim fit. If we had more rain and occasion to wear this in LA I would have bought one. Fits true to suit size

Some shoes:

more shoes:

great selection of RTW suits!! Fit is perfect for someone that likes a slim fit. They fit true to size on the slim side. Great range of sizes from 34 and up. They also come in Short, Reg, and Long....personally I found the Short to fit the best as the sleeves are PERFECT for me and the jacket length on the short side which I like. Most suit shorts dont fit quite right on me, but these certainly do. Suits are made in Italy using British fabrics.

My purchases from the store:

Crombie coat (fits true to suit size)...this is a really great overcoat. They got the fit just right imo with a nice fitted shape. Classic styling with 4 button front placket and ticket pocket. Also has velvet upper collar but since it is all black the velvet doesnt stand out.

Gingham shirt. I had order one via mail so this is the second JtG shirt. I know there were questions about the fit and they are indeed very slim fitting. Their size 16 fits me perfect and measures about 20.5" across chest, 18.5" across torso with sleeves that seem like they'd be a 33. Shirt length is meant to be tucked in. Despite the large sounding neck, it really isnt that large, I'd say the 16 feels more like a 15.5 Fit-wise it's very similar to the Ben Sherman "soho" fit.

Sta-Prest....bought the navy and black. I want the tan but they were sold out of nearly every size. Yes these do run as slim as their sizing chart, which I find to be very accurate. I bought a size 34 which fits awesome. They are very slim thru the hip and thigh so they're intended for guys with a slight build waist down. If you have athletic thighs or a big butt these WILL NOT FIT you. The waist sounds large but it really isnt since they're slightly low rise and the poly-cotton fabric will not give like denim so it cannot be tight the way jeans are meant to be sized. Their website's sizing chart is very accurate so if something seems like it won't fit you, then it probably won't fit.

Here's a pic going down to the store from the Rail Station.

Their shirts and some jackets/coats are made locally a few miles down from the shop in Brighton. Suits and trousers are made in Italy. IIRC some of the other gear us made in Portugal. The Fred Perry gear they sell is made in Italy line or MIE. They sell both MIC and MIE Doc Martens and the monkey boots are MIE. Again, these are top fellas and their customer service is excellent. They ship same or next day (I noticed a Royal Post office just a block away from the store) and any questions they will answer promptly and accurately.
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Great pics, looking forward to seeing some of that in waywt.
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Excellent stuff I will def. check this store out when I go head back to London
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I'll be popping down to brighton fairly shortly. Definetly going to pop in to pick up one of their breton jumpers
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I think I'm gonna order one of those Crombie coats next month, really liking the look.
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I ordred a Harrington from the store about a week ago - it sounds like I should have contacted them about sizing before placing the order. I ordered a size 42, and I'm normally a size 40 (but sometimes 42) so I hope I'll be OK. edit: I should say I got an XL for a 42" chest. I'll have to see if it fits.
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So I bought one of their gingham's to check them out. I didn't properly heed warnings and ordered the neck size I usually wear in other, more fat-person oriented brands, and was quite.. Constricted. Did some sewing and let it out a bit and it's wearable, albeit the placket is a bit.. Asymmetrical. I'm quite impressed though, and for the price the fit/style seems just what I'm looking for. Sizing up on future purchases.

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I like the look of that gingham shirt. Pity they don't do one in blue.
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Fit pics on the sta-prest anyone?
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Originally Posted by PinkPantser View Post
Fit pics on the sta-prest anyone?

if you're on the fence, get them. they have a great tapered, slim cut. get them in every color.
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sta prest fit pix urgent, also urgent : the 60's trench pix
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I've been wearing my staprest nearly every day. great cut and fabric doesnt feel so "poly" as I'm used to on this kind of material.

The sizing on the website probably seems scary for SFers since everyone is so used to ridiculous vanity sizing where you have to size down 2-3, but me being a size 30 jean wearer fits perfectly into their size 34 staprest. Their help section with sizing around the hips and thigh is very accurate and these are def not made for guys with big butts or bulky thighs.

Just waiting for the boys to get the tan back in stock as those are crucial.
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Originally Posted by bohemianmidnight View Post

did you size up?
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