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Think a 38 in the Breton jumper would be too long for a 5'7" frame?
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is that strike going on still? need to order one of those sweet breton jumpers
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I think my order got delayed by the strike. 2 weeks and still no sign of them and there no tracking # to check where it's at.
Not really mad I just wanted to use that emoticon.
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Finally received my order, the shirt in size 15 is almost perfect, it really slims down to the bottom to the point that I can barely button the last button. Great fit though.

As for the trousers, I am surprised the size 32 fit a lot baggier than expected. It was somewhat bigger in the waist but much baggier in the thigh area, I guess I just expected it to be so much more slimmer?

I'll post pics later to get some opinions but I think the Levis 511 trousers fit much slimmer than the JTG sta prest trousers.
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glad the shirt size 15 worked out so well for you RFX. Unfortunate about the sta-prest. Did you go TTS? (time to holla at getsmart for some mtm trousers if you have no other options lol)
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Thanks for all the input, you helped me out a lot. I was worried about the sleeves being too short too but it ended up being just right.

For the trousers, I went by their measurements, which says to get 32 for a 20" thigh and mine measured just that and it still fit big. I doubt I lost a few pounds while waiting, I actually gained a couple because I was at Vegas for almost a week and nothing to eat there but Buffets.

I did however find a Ben Sherman trousers in a darker blue in size 28 that fits almost perfectly, just needs to be shortened by an inch or so.

If the JTG trousers doesn't fit though I'll just throw it in the B&S forum since returning them will cost $20+ in shipping and that seems a bit unreasonable for a $70 pair of pants. I'd have to see though, I think I might just be used to wearing tighter jeans/pants in general that these fits fuller, thus giving me the impression that they are bigger than they are.
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you're defo the 1st person I've heard say they were too big, but maybe there was some overcompensation since everyone talks about how small they fit I would just tailor them down smaller if you think you'd wear em i wonder if it's possible you got a wrong size? I know that they once sent me a shirt a full size too small, I sent it back, they sent the replacement also too small. But both small shirts were (mis)tagged as the larger size I ordered. Maybe measure them out to make sure you didnt get a size 34 because you'd have to be really skinny to fit into a size 30, but I've never seen you irl so maybe you are that thin? If it turns out yours is a mis-size I'm sure they will sort you out correct
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I'll measure them when I get home and match them up with JTG's measurements from their website.
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I measured the trousers and the widest part of the thigh is about 12", which isn't too bad I guess but I think the thing that makes it bigger is that the rise seems a bit long on these. I guess it doesn't look that bad, it's just not as slim as I expected them to be, again probably due the rise being longer than usual. The gingham shirt on the other hand fits just right, I'll definitely order more of these in the future.
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^^ they dont look too big in the pics, just needs a hem so the legs lay straighter. keep in mind the fabric doesnt have any stretch to it so it needs some room for movement

I actually think the rise is on the lower side (not that it's low rise), not sure how tall you are but obviously height will affect how tall the rise seems.

shirt fit is good!
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Yeah the shirt fits real well, not even my BoO fit as fitted as this one, the gingham pattern isn't too flattering in the pics though.

As for the trousers, JTG measures the thigh at around 20" but when I measured it was 12" flat so all around that would be 24". It's not as bad as I first tried them on but it's definitely isn't as slim as I expected them to be. The Ben Sherman trousers fit much better...

But I think but I think there is room for both in my closet so I'll keep the JTG and get it hemmed asap.
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^^ Weird about the thigh. My 34s measure 12" across the widest part of thigh, I would have guessed the 32s to be more like 11.5 or 11

just for comparison, my 34 also measures 20" across widest hip
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[quote=Get Smart;2578676]JtG now has a collab boot with Solovair

Made in England, classic 1460 style 8i oxblood. Looks totally legit and a good price

Thinking about ordering those boots. Anyone seen them or have any opinions to offer on them?
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^^ havent seen them but being made by NPS/Solovair, they're going to be good quality, possibly better than MIE Doc Marten. If I were in the market for another pair of 8i oxbloods, these would be the ones I'd buy.
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^^ agreed, I have the Solovair monkey boots. They take a bit of breaking in, but are otherwise great. One thing I noticed is that the airware (sp?) sole really does feel softer than your typical boot outsole. It's not mushy or anything, but noticeably softer.
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