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Car Covers

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Gents: In another thread, Drizz was kind enought to point me toward BMP deisgn. I've given an older car to a young relative who's going to take it to College. We want to give him a cover for it as it's really in good condition and he wants to keep it that way. It'll be parked outside, most of the time, under sun and rain. The Weather Shield Cover here looks pretty good: http://www.bmpdesign.com/product-exe.../category_id/7 But is it overkill? Perhaps the Noah model from Covercraft will suffice. http://www.bmpdesign.com/product-exe.../category_id/7 Anyone hip to the ways of car covers? With thanks for your suggestions, H.
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I think you'll be just fine with the Noah car cover, it's a quality piece and should protect the car quite well.
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One warning: the problem with car covers is that if you put a cover on a car that is not perfectly clean, friction of the cover against the paint will cause dirt on the surface of the car to rub against the paint, which will cause micromarring on the surface of the paint. I speak from experience on this, having spent many hours with swirl remover trying to reverse the damage. Heavier covers can be a little less likely to cause a problem, because they flap less in the wind (and they also provide a small amount of door ding protection) but they don't completely solve the issue. The only real answer is to keep the car as clean as possible. Quick detailer and some microfiber cloths work well if you can't wash the car, but in a college setting becoming known as the anal-retentive car wiper is probably just an invitation to vandalism. Second warning: you MUST use the locking cable. Car covers are easy to steal.
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