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For 43Rs....

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4 Sportcoats, all new. Most with extra buttons and fabric swatch (some lost during transit ). They will also come with original garment bag. Model: Traiano (narrower shoulders, 3-rolled-to-2-buttons, longer silhouette) Size: Euro 53, US 43R Measurements: Shoulders 18.5", Chest 22.5", Waist 20", Sleeves 26.5" (unaltered, can be let out), length 31 1/4". 1) Light-medium Cashmere 2) Medium-heavy cashmere, extra fabric swatch (not pictured) 3) Light-medium cashmere 4) Super 150s wool but feels like cashmere Asking $550 each, will be listing on eBay for $600 to $650 each. I pay 50% of postage for forum members --- meaning $10 shipping only.
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Yikes...those are really gorgeous, indeed. koji
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Love the second sportscoat, exspecially the lapel shape and the material (I love textures). Unfortunately, at least 4 full sizes too large for me. Plus, I'm broke.
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What are the buttons on the second one?  They look like horn or plastic rather than metal but it's hard to tell.  Also, is the length measurement from the bottom of the collar?
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It's dyed horn buttons in matching colour to the fabric. Length is always measured from bottom of collar for me.
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All absolutely beautiful, and in my size too... argh... Wife will throttle me
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Q1. how did you measure shoulder? straight from the top of a shoulder seam to shoulder seam (I need about 20 inches for this arrrggg)? Q2 What is the base color for 1st coat? Plaid color?
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From the top of the shoulder seam, it measures 19 1/2". I usually put my tape a little bit below the top (that how I saw a tailor did it once) and it measures 18 1/2". I should have provided the top measurement first --- I think that's how the it's generally done. Please see pictures. The colour is a soft pastel green. The picture is taken with a HP bright white paper for comparison. Naturlaut
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PM'ed some questions regarding #2 if still available.
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The first pastel green coat is sold.
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And the second one is sold too.
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The thrid navy coat is on hold. Only the fourth one left now.
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