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WOW. What a wonderful time we had. The whole plan ... it is so much easier to show than to write ... worked like a charm. You all did exactly as we asked. You arrived with well-thought questions (some of which were pretty damn challenging) and we did our best to answer you. I detect from many of your posts that most of you had a good time. Just in case you were wondering , so did we. I know that some consider us as "the makers" separate and apart from the members ... but we don't. Yes, we support ourselves with clothing ... and many of you try to bankrupt yourselves with clothing ... but in truth we're all just a bunch of guys who are really interested in clothing. And that, for us, was the most special aspect of this weekend. Spending time with you, discussing our favorite subject, looking at all the different items, well, I'll end the way I began: WOW. P.S.: So many asked what's next. Yes ... we'll for absolute positive sure without question do this again. It will be at least an Annual Event. Perhaps, if the stars align correctly, we may make it a bi-annual event. Oh, yes ... the Collection of Sartorial Excellence Newsletter. The First Edition, the Premier Event in Story and Pictures, will be published in ten days. We are happily accepting photo and story submissions from attendees ... as well as our own photos and tales of tired feet. If you have photos you want to share, just e-mail them to All who requested an invitation will automatically receive the full-color newsletter. Anyone else who would like to subscribe ... you are most welcome to receive the newsletter free. Just click here and fill in your details. Receive the Sartorial Excellence Premier Edition Newsletter See you next time. EDIT: P.S.: Please ... do post your Event experiences below. Being all the way in the back, I didn't get to see much of what was happening outside the Shirts & Furnishings Room. P.P.S: 3/17/2005 - We are coming toward the end of the subscription period for the first issue. The pages are taking shape and our printing order will be going in soon. Subscribe now or miss the premier edition.
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It sounds like everybody had a good time; I wish I was there. I'm looking forward to receiving the newsletter.
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I will definitely go to the next one, somehow. If only I didn't live on the other side of the planet.
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(Son of Brummel) For two, brief days, a hotel suite in the Regency was turned into a mini-department store. Although it was smack in the middle of Manhattan's luxury retail district, this store on the 25th floor became the city's finest and most exclusive mens store. I heard that the managers of Bergdorf's and Barneys breathed a collective sigh of relief at 6:00 pm when the show ended.
Truth is, it cost me three bellmen - at Regency rates - to move most of that mini-department store up to the 15th floor. But you were right: Movin' out was free. Bergdorf's and Barney's each send three staff guys to help us - gratis. Offered me gas money to get outta town. Even Jonathan from Herzfeld came over and carried a couple of boxes down. SOBB - it was a pleasure to finally meet you. Thank you for coming. And the whole LL group ... most fun of the entire weekend. Like the Gathering of the Creme de le Conoisseurs, you all arrived, toured, met and greeted. Then Poof. In the blink of an eyelash all off to lunch. John, Eddie, Mike, Mark, Bruce and all the rest: We were honored by your presence, intrigued by your knowledge ... and sad at your departure. Thank you for coming.
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What a great event. It was a pleasure to actually meet members of the Forum. The event was more successful than we had imagined so the downside was not having time to talk to you all in more detail. And I think I actually missed seeing some of you. Next time. Thanks to Alex for his organizational skills, the vendors, and all of you who took time to show up. Andy
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(imageWIS) When is the Palm Beach trip at the Breakers Hotel going to be held?
One week after I receive your American Express card.
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I am quite bummed out that I missed it. When will the next be held, and where?
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TO ALL WHO HAVE ASKED ABOUT THE VASS SHOE PRICES: I have spoken with Gabor and he has agreed that you can get the shoes at the Collection of Sartorial Excellence event prices ONLY IF you e-mail your order to BEFORE Tuesday (3/8) night. Make sure that you mention the event and that you include your contact information so that Gabor can reach you with questions about your order and payment information. Special Orders: Calf Shoes: $650 Cordovan Shoes: $825 U Last Shoes: $790 Calf Half Boots: $695 Calf Long Boots: $725
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HELP WANTED::::HELP WANTED::::HELP WANTED Free-Lance Writer(s) - MensWear Reportage International Upscale Menswear Newsletter seeks one or more persons who have the ability to write their impressions of a certain men's clothing event held 3/4 & 3/5 the NYC's Regency Hotel. Only those willing to be remunerated in the form of byline credit need apply. All who so apply will be accepted. Please contact
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Hang on to it a couple days Alex, I've got Angel cutting swatches to show the difference between some of the new silk types we've been doing. Will put those on cards to stick in the newsletter. PM me and let me know how many samples are needed.
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Haven't you just confessed to violating child labor laws in a public forum? Back to you later on how many. Think hundreds ... or more.
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Just applied for the newsletter. Will it really be in printed form ? Also, kudos to Alex for stating the privacy policy clearly on the form. Bjorn
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Yes ... it will really be in printed form and in full color ... and will have articles by some of the fora's more interesting writers. Thank you for your comment on our usually unnoticed Privacy Policy. It is something we take quite seriously after many, many years of having access to other people's personal information.
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We're getting ready to place our printing order. Thanks to the more than 300 of you who have subscribed. I'll have to take down this offer in a couple of days after we specify the number of copies we want, so if you have been hesitating, now's the time.
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Will you be making an online version available?
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