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Although I don't think I will ever need an topcoat in Singapore (where it is always hot, although perhaps it might be useful for rainy days...), I might need it someday when I go overseas. How long should the topcoat be? My height is 1.7 metres (approx. 5 ft 7 inch). Should the topcoat be slightly below the knee (say, 1 or 2 inches) or much longer? Can topcoats be lengthened by tailors (when I grow taller, maybe?) What if there are no extra fabric to lengthen it? Is it still possible? What type of topcoat should I get? One with collars and lapels (like a suit jacket) or just collars? Which is more formal? Thanks, WJTW
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IMO, a topcoat should fall at least to the knees; I prefer a few inches (4-5) inches below the knee. Shorter guys may want to go somewhat shorter though. As for collars, they are similar to suit coats (or tuxedo coats) -- single and double breasted; peaks; shawl collars, etc. My personal favorite (and the warmest style) is double breasted cashmere or heavy wool in navy blue or charcoal or black. By the way, today I saw a very tall guy wearing one of those 3/4 coats -- sort of a very short topcoat -- falling around mid-thigh, and I thought it looked very silly on him. Like he was wearing a shrunken topcoat. The humongous clown-like, square-toed shoes didn't help, I suppose.
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Can topcoats be lengthened by tailors (when I grow taller, maybe?)
When you grow taller? How old are you? If you're still growing and you're only going to be wearing a topcoat maybe once in a while, you might consider holding off on purchasing one.
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