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I'm suffering from mild jet-lag, oh well, might as well do something 'useful'. Here are 4 squares I have, all silk, taken from 4 different brands: Turnbull, Hermes, RL, and Charvet.  All their edges are different. From top to bottom: Turnbull, Hermes, RL, Charvet --> Turnbull has the thinnest roll, while the other three have similar thickness in their roll, Hermes being the thickest.  In terms of straightness in the rolled edges, Hermes and Charvet are quite straight, RL the most wobbly, almost zig-zagging.  The hardness of the roll is also different.  Though Hermes has the thickest roll, it is not hard; while RL's feel harder and tougher.  Turnbull and Charvet both feel similarly soft but substantial.  The direction of the roll are consistant among Turnbull, RL and Charvet --- rolled towards the backside of the silk, while Hermes is rolled inwards on the upside of the silk. As a result, you see little pick-stitching stitches on the three but not on the Hermes. These are very tiny details.  There is no good or bad in any of them, just a matter of preference.  They all stay in very good conditions even after years of use. Naturlaut