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Facebook & MySpace

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Anyone else here have accounts at or I just set up a myspace account and I could use a few friends on it.
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I have a facebook account. Myspace is a little shady for my tastes. Too many crazies on there. Dan
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Myspace is a little shady for my tastes. Too many crazies on there.
I'm on myspace (but I hardly ever check it)
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All of my friends and a bunch of girls I know joined myspace so I went ahead and made a page for myself, but I definitely don't take it as seriously as they all do.
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I'm on Facebook, but I rarely use it. All the NYU undergrads swear by it. Being technologically not with it, I check Friendster more often, but not by much.
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I'm with you guys - it's sort of fun to make a profile and get friends on it, but most of the friends I have listed are real-life friends. There are a few other people who seem cool that have added me, but I don't ever really talk to them. It would be a little shady to me to actually meet a date on either site, for some reason.
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If anyone wants to add me at either site, feel free. My email (for both sites) is
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I'm on Myspace, I don't do much with it. I went out with one girl that wanted to be my "friend" once and it was the weirdest thing ever. I know all of my "friends" on there besides you, assuming you accept my "friend request", lol. Eric
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I liked Friendster more than Myspace, but everyone else moved so I did too. I know, I suck. People on Myspace are straight up. some girl msg'd me to tell me she's coming in for the weekend from texas and needs a place to stay. The Facebook is nice to keep up with high school friends that you dont hate. It used to be open only to Ivy League schools but I guess now nearly every college in the country can get in.
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