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Blue Jacket

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I am thinking of getting this jacket http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....8692155 but I wanted to get opinions of forum members first. I know oxxford clothes is a good clothing company, but I was wondering if it was a good price and if anyone had any idea how old it is. Thanks.
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The angle of the gorge is very obtuse and thus I do not like it very much. It reminds me of some 80s Hugo Boss suits Ive seen. Aside from that, the other details of it look very nice, and the button stance looks just fine.
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I think the angle is probably normal - the problem is that the lapels are way overlapping in the picture. When on a person, the gorge should look normal. Looks like a nice jacket.
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Looks like a nice jacket. However, with low-priced goods on eBay "very good" condition may really mean fair condition. Ask the seller if there are any rubs (shiny areas), tears etc. If the seller is not clothes savvy, they're more likely to sell a garment for less than it's worth. Otherwise, be cautious.
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Thanks to everyone for their replies. I decided to get the Jacket and recieved it today. It is very nice, with virtually no wear showing anywhere on it. It fits fairly well, just needs a little tailoring. One thing that struck me as odd though was that the lapel hole was sewn up. It struck me as odd because on the reverse side of the lapel there was the little loop for a flower stem. Why have the flower loop if the hole is sewn up. Is this normal or when I have the jacket tailored, so I have the hole re-opened. Thanks.
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