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Sale in london?

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I am planning to go to London sometime this summer. Is there a particular time of the summer when there are sales in London? I am particularly interested in high quality English shoes. Thanks in advance, Marcus
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Summer sales in London begin in the last week of June. The last major sale to open is Harrods, which begins on the first Wednesday of July (3rd this year). Every shop/store starts at a different date, so you might want to contact beforehand the ones you are interested in. Shoe lovers who are in London (at any time of the year) can also travel to Northampton (world capital of shoe manufacture). Almost all the big firms like Lobb, Crockett, Trickers, Church (but not Edward Green) have factory outlet shops on their premises, where they sell seconds or oddments at greatly reduced prices. Some of these shops operate daily, others only one or two days a week. Contact beforehand. PS. Winter sales begin right after Christmas.
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Thank you very much, bengal-stripe. I didn't have any specific shops in mind, just wanted to maximize the probability of a good buy. Come to think of it - Thomas Pink will definitely be on the list. The Northampton tip is very interesting. Do you by any chance know examples of what qualifies as "seconds"? Marcus
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Marcus:  If you're interested in shopping Thomas Pink when you go to London, let me offer this suggestion (it's what I try to do when I go to London).  Before you shop at Pink in London, try doing so at the Pink shop (albeit a smaller version of it) in duty-free shopping at the airport.  I did that last time I flew to London (I'm fairly sure it was Gatwick Airport) and saved a good amount of cash (or quid, if we're speaking in English currency) on a number of ties and shirts, probably better savings than whatever sale you might be lucky enough to run into in the city.  The duty free Pink shops have a surprisingly good selection.
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Gator: Pink is great; I agree. Do they have the same aromatherapy in London as in SF, Boston, and NY (especially SF)? My God- the best smelling place I've ever shopped in- LOL...
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