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Thoughts on the RLPL Chelsea Boots?

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Thread Starter Good deal? Thoughts on these boots? Very versatile? I dont own any Chelsea style boots.
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If they were my size, I'll bid on/buy them at the price they're currently at. And I already have 2 mid-quality brown dress boots (one AE lace up cap-toe, one Grenson jodphur), with a third on the way. I think these aren't purple label, even though they have the Ralph Lauren script on the insole as in the Purple label shoes. I think they're Polo branded C&J boots. Even at $199 they're quite competitive. Yes, it's possible to find them for cheaper, but it may not be worth your time to do so. If they're your size, go for it. Dark brown chelseas should be quite useful. They should be more useful than my jodphurs, and I wear the jodphurs more than almost anything else.
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I don't think that these are really Purple Label.  But if they are, they are quite old, from before PL became its own entity and it was still associated with Polo - almost 10 years? (someone correct that, please).  Also, they don't look like they are in the best of shape - creases at the toes are pretty prevalent, but they don't look like wear creases.  And the tops are squished in - unless they are really tight around your ankles (really the top of your foot), the misshapeness will still be visible. Dan
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btw - The same seller has the shell cordovan Polo wing-tips(model name is either the Darlton or Marlow) in the same size. I have that one. Great shoe.
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Yeah I thought it looked like they were cap toes at first, but a different picture shoes that they arent. Maybe a pass if they are really very old and in bad shape.
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They are Purple Label, albeit Purple Label made by C&J to C&J Masterpieces standards. You see those from time to time, I think they were made within the last 3-4 years actually. Very nice boots, definitely better quality than the Polo/C&J boots. They are stunning and I would highly recommend them. I think line showing at the end of the toebox stiffener would be less apparent in person and even less on the foot. Not really a problem IMO. I would be bidding but I know from experience that they will not fit me - I have too high of an instep to get my foot into them.
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Shoes look impeccable, and are obviously unworn (unless the guy waks on clouds - in which case you should get them for sure). Don't know why you don't bid (unless it is because you are broke like me?)
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I think they are beautiful boots, and close to my size (12-1/2). But, I don't think I'd wear them enough to justify the purchase. Full retail on this must be at least $500. Beautiful channeled soles.
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I think they are beautiful boots, and close to my size (12-1/2).  But, I don't think I'd wear them enough to justify the purchase.  Full retail on this must be at least $500.  Beautiful channeled soles.
I've seen even $700 for these. And if sold as Purple Label, gee whiz, Ralph would probably want a grand.
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If I were a 13, I'd bid on them for sure for their rich brown shade and the soles alone. They look like a more refined version of my regular C&J-made Polo Chelsea boots.
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So you guys dont think the toes are going to be a problem? That is the only thing I am hestitant about.
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I don't think it'll be a problem, but it could be.
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I asked the seller about the toe, here is his response: "Thank you for your inquiry. I do not know the age, but there is no crease. As with all great quality leather, this leather is firm yet supple. It is also made to fit snugly around your foot. In the front of the shoe, there is a sort of framework for the toe box. The leather is tightly wrapped around that framework, and it shoes through the leather at the point where the framework comes to an end. As I noted, I do not know that age of the shoes, although they have been tried on, as we noted in the listing. They are in great shape but at least when the shoes are not being worn, that toebox framework does show. I wear a size 14, so I cannot try these on to see what it looks like when the shoes are worn. Thanks again." "Framework"?
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The toebox is reinforced by extra layers of leathers, hence the "framework". The toe area needs extra support and strength, and not so much the flexibility that the vamp/upper portion requires. Believe the guy when he says that there's no crease and that the outline will not be visible when you wear the boots.
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