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Thread Starter got into business..

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This is NOT a Advertorial.


Thank you for the the comments about Blazer Arqhitect in page 22. I must agree the jacket which BA did at that time was really f*gly. I personally take those words seriously, and of course in a positive manner from the day I read the post.


My apologize as i have removed the f*gly jacket pictures ( which I regret now, I should have just leave it there).


Today, I believe BA has changed.  I have attached a two most recent pic of our work (I only took the back pic, as there are minor adjustments needed) for comments and criticism.


We will all comments positively.


Thank you.





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oh right... guess this is a form of "research" for him


they do hand sewn shirts and jackets too,

but the turn around time is insane... 6 months or more i heard??

imo i think they should just stick with doing their ties and pocket squares which are good

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Hi guys! i'm from Singapore and i really love suits as well, so i thought i'd chip in. 


Most of the suits tailored in singapore follow the traditional english style. I am based in London now but i realised, English suits aren't really for me. While i love english shoes, italian suits are a lot lighter and more comfortable in my opinion because there are no shoulder pads that italians find "stiff" and "uptight" 


Having said that, i must agree that the english style is more formal and probably more macho, while the italian style is slightly more relaxed and even sexy. The construction is very different, they are all almost fully unlined making them very light. The shoulders are also attached in a different way (spalla camicia). What's nice i think, is the hand stitching that you can see on almost all the seams of the jacket, as well as the mother of pearl buttons and the round horn buttons. 


These are some of my suits, all Italian. Apart from the Canali, the rest have no shoulder pads at all. I'm posting this just to introduce a new style for comparison and i welcome any feedback on the style! Cheers:) 


Pal Zileri Su Misura














Stile Latino by Cesare Attolini (I put on weight, so it is a little bit tight around the waist haha):


Double Breasted tailored in Italy: 



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@maxee that's a very nice clean back, well done! 

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Been a long time lurker here, have anyone try hst tailors suits before?

i just stumble upon their facebook, looks promising though. And looking at their price range, its very tempting!

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Hi gents,

Looks like I'll be spending quite a bit of time in Singapore the coming year. So I'm thinking of having a suit or SC made. Does anyone here have recent experience with tailors there? Are the options mentioned upthread still active?



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Hey, I live in London, because I study here, but when i'm back in Singapore there's only one tailor that I go to. He does not have a shop or anything so it is all quite private. I must say that I am rather demanding when it comes to suits (bit of a suit snob, sigh), and this guy is one of the best in my opinion in terms of attitude, cut and features of a suit. His prices are excellent as well because he doesn't have a fancy shop front etc. I've sent many friends his way and they have always been very impressed. 


Perhaps the most impressive trait about him is his desire to learn, and to improve himself. Tailoring is something no one gets right the first time, and there are many alterations to be done before the perfect fit. Unlike other tailors who get impatient when customers make an alteration too many, this guy takes it as part of process of learning what fits you better, and never tried to charge extra when I brought my trousers back for alteration thrice, in order to get the perfect length with turn up cuffs. 


You can PM me for his details if you'd like. 

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So this is a cross post from the Solito thread. For those who do not know, Solito is one of the more well-known neapolitan tailors, and I've finally had a bespoke suit done! Here are some of the pictures just for you guys to see the neapolitan style. For those interested, I believe if there are enough orders, Luigi and his close friend Luca, who is a bespoke shirt maker, wouldn't mind flying down to Singapore.


I think what is best about the neapolitan style is how easy to wear it looks yet being formal enough at the same time. Also, it is very light and unpadded which is good for our Singapore weather. The shoulders are the classic neapolitan spalla camicia with little ripples down the side (waterfall shoulder). Other features include a double-stitched 3 roll 2.5 lapel, nicely rounded patch pockets and curved breast pocket. 


Finishing wise, all the seams of the jacket are pick-stitched by hand, including the lining. Trousers have a lot of hand-stitching as well. The double stitch on the lapel is generally a neapolitan summer sports jacket feature, but I decided I wanted it on my suit anyway because it gives it a younger, more aggressive look. The shape of the suit is very unique, compared to the normal English-type suits we predominantly see in Singapore. The Neapolitan style is more 'rounded' and more natural, yet slim and smart at the same time, whereas the English style is a lot more padded and upright, like a very smart military uniform with a much more rigid shoulder. Its all a matter of taste at the end of the day!(: 








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Hi there, great stuff, yes definitely the lighter Italian jackets are nicer for the tropical weather. I just came back from Singapore, visited Kevin Seah, Colony Clothing, and Ed Et Al... haven't got time to visit the rest like Dylan and Sons, CYC, or the one with "Bulli" something.... Any reviews and comparisons would be appreciated guys!
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Hi guys, I just started a thread about my experience with another Neapolitan tailor: Pino Peluso. 


Check it out here!



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Hi lads,


I travel to Singapore really often and I have tried 3 tailors so far..Kevin Seah, Raffles Tailor and Joe's Tailor. 

Im really disappointed with Kevin Seah for the fact that my suit came out a total disaster. I realised he does a lot of advertising, but the final outcome is disastrous. 

Raffles tailor was so-so in terms of service, I had a better experience with Kevin Seah, BUT Raffles suit came out slightly better. I paid around 2.4K for my bespoke suit which i thought was rather reasonable at Raffles tailor. But as I said, the overall experience and service was not as good Kevin Seah's. 

Lastly, and to me was the best was Joe's Tailor. I visited Joe's Tailor on a recommendation from my boss, he has been Joe's customer for about 7years now. So far, I made 4 suits with Joe's, and I am really happy with the final outcome. (one way to see if a tailor is good...walk in without an appointment)

Stupid me walked in Joe's without an appointment and was surprised to see a short queue of people waiting to get measured. (i think it shows how good the tailor shop is i guess) *rmb to make appointments!*


about 15mins later, I was served by a lady name Meng, she is really experience and I felt comfortable with her. Settled for a charcoal full canvassed suit (took around 3 weeks for delivery) *cost ard 2.4k* was really happy with the final outcome.  Fit was great and the attention to detail is impeccable (knowing how snobbish i can be when it comes to my suits).

I tried Anderson and Sheppard in London once (that cost me 7k) of course the final outcome is amazing. IT BETTER BE for the price i'm paying... However, I dare say Joe's may be on the same level as AnS (i mean it). I would say Joe's is a cheaper alternative to AnS. 


Hope this thread helps

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@Mark Lee Jin Yi If you're thinking of trying to work a trunk show for Solito and Luca Avitabile, please do count me in. I'll be happy to place an order, and help to organise if you'd like. 

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