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I made the mistake of putting a brand new leather jacket in the overhead bin on a plane, only to have another passenger adjust a few items and position the sleeves of my jacket for a perfect slice from the hinges on the door of the bin. Fortunately the hinges were small and the slices were almost under the arms. My local leather shop worked out a pretty good patch.
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Was abroad and dashing off through the hotel lobby to a critical business meeting with our firm's CEO. On the way out of the hotel, brushed against the sharp edge of a jewelry display case with the upper sleeve, near the shoulder, of my navy Brioni. The damn edge sliced through my sleeve like a razor, leaving a 5 inch gapping gash, with the white sleeve lining showing noticeably. Merde.. I had no other suit. And we had no time to do any sort of damage control. The meeting lasted all day, including an exclusive luncheon, preceded by cocktails which had me standing up in a crowded room, and every time shaking hands the damn gap opened up to greet people like a smiling ghoul. I never knew clothing could cause such pain. When I finally got back home and visited my tailor, he saluted me saying, I see that you've been promoted to a one-stripe corporal.... Now let's do the other sleeve.
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jeez, all these horror stories. I'll add mine to the list: had a lightweight Canali suit cleaned on a military post once...came back with lapels creased and pressed-- no more roll of lapels, just creased and flattened permanently. The pressed creases never came out of the lapels. had this been later in my life, during my present Brioni-Oxxford phase, I think I would be in jail serving time on assault and battery charges.
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