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The Black Velvet Suit

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What is the appropriate time & place for a black velvet suit? I know the night club VIP lounge, sure... RL sells them, and so they must have heritage somewhere... holiday season?? Formal?? Just curious. Maybe they are simply eccentric as I suspect. I have never seen one being worn... I must not be invited to the right parties... or museum openings...
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I think they're always appropriate after dark, if you are decadent and a bit foppish. I'm sure you'll draw a slight bit of attention anywhere if you wear it any of the square States. Maybe some places in Manhatten or La. Go to the Opera in Berlin, and you will get many approving looks. It seems very Dorian Gray or Des Essentes from "Against Nature", to me.
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I don't think I would ever attempt to wear one to a formal event. But the club idea is pretty good. I've been trying to find a RL version discounted, but so far no such luck. Paying $1600 for the Purple Label version with hacking pockets and peaked lapels (as cool as it is) is a little over my budget, considering how abused it would get in aclub environment.
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I like velvet jackets but not really a full suit. It is a bit too foppish. David Hemmings wore an amazing green velvet sports jacket in Blow-Up. Notch lapel, ticket pocket, wonderful cut.
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about 7 years ago i mentioned to some friends that i wanted a black velvet suit and i was ridiculed for being ultra trendy. i didn't get one. i agree it would make a good opera outfit.
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I like the idea of a SB 3-button double vented black jacket, but only to be worn with jeans / cream / white trousers or the like. It's too odd to be taken as a serious piece of attire. Jon.
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Back in my college days before I owned a tuxedo, I wore a double breasted black velvet jacket for semi-formal events. I paired it with a pair of plain black wool trousers, white shirt and black bow tie. I think I paid $20 for the jacket at Marshals. It was a terrific low-cost alternative to owning my own tuxedo. I'm not sure where a velvet suit would be appropriate other than in a semi-formal atmosphere.
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Yes, a rather Germanic or Gallic item of clothing. Considering that velvet suits were popular in the Weimar era as well as the French poets, etc. des Essientes from "A Rebours" preferred his white velvet with gold embroidery.
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I like velvet. Not sure which color though. Nor where to wear it. Yes, clubbing. But why not decadent opium and absinthe dens. The best way to try new styles and discover your inner dandy is to travel to an anonymous city. As you grow comfortable and lose the self-consciousness, you then acquire the confidence to carry off anything back home, if you choose to do so. Black velvet suit, ascot, walking stick, homburg in Paris? ....what better place? Yes, I can see it.
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I used to wear a black velvet jacket with peaked lapels regularly with a green vintage tee shirt and distressed jeans to clubs. That stopped when it became the hipster uniform, and then the American Jackass uniform.
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I see what LA Guy is saying. It has become the ubiquitous "rocker" look. But still, I've been doing the velvet jacket thing since I started caring about clothing, and don't intend to stop because it is popular now. They are staples for me. I have three: green, brown, and black. I use the black and brown quite a bit, though I tend to dress them up a bit more. For some reason my neck feels bear when I have a tee shirt under a sportsjacket, but I think it looks fine on other people. I've never gone for velvet pants, because they seem a bit bulking. I think a velvet jacket is a good versatile piece, which can be fairly warm as outer wear over a sweater in the winter. I wear them with odd pants.
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To avoid the AJ look: slimmer jacket; non-relaxed jeans, Seven or otherwise; t-shirt of some kind (though I have worn an American Apparel leisure shirt over an AA long-sleeved shirt with my velvet jacket many times); no clunky black laceups. It might be closer to the old hipster uniform, but I mind that less. Also, don't buy a crappy Urban Outfitters jacket, ie very boxy with limp, narrow lapels. I still wear my jacket at least once a week. Girls don't seem to mind, and so long as they rub up against it, neither do I. A velvet suit, however, might be pushing things.
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two ways to do it without overdoing it- casually i'd wear the velvet jacket over jeans.. formally i'd wear a bit more tailored of a velvet jacket with a pair of tuxedo pants.. at most of the younger benefits this past winter, there were one or two people wearing this outfit.. nice look- a bit more casual than a full on tux, but a much more distinctive look..
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