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noob question but do all samurai 710s have the same fit and sizing?
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Fit/cut config is constant.
Sizing depends on the denim used__ eg, VX 17oz, XX 19oz, 24oz, etc.
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Finally got my 710's in the mail. Bought them raw in a size 34, but they did NOT fit larger. Has this happened to anyone? I cold soaked them for 1.5 hours anyway to get the starch out and now they fit like a 32 and some change. I can't button up the top button. Should I still try to stretch them out - wear them around the house as much as I can button them and hopefully break them in? I keep reading different tales of the 710, either stretching out a lot to not really at all.

Edit: they worked out! In case anyone else was in the same predicament as me: at first they didn't button up all the way, so I struggled to get it buttoned as much as I could (the second to last button) and just sat on my couch and watched TV. After a while, I was able to button the top/waist button. It was super tight but now it's a lot better (currently wearing).

Now I'm just worried about this 19oz's about 75 degrees outside and I started getting uncomfortable =/
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