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wasn't feeling the wide-straddled back pockets, so i re-positioned them.
IMO, the 1" diagonal tweak towards the center made quite an impact on the aesthetic fit.

before & after:

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My Samurai Jeans S5000AI 24oz natural Indigo from DC4 Japanese Denim Store Berlin




DC4 Japanese Denim Store Berlin

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My old one. Samurai Jeans S0500XX LOT.10



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Originally Posted by Epik View Post

S5000BK patch. Can anyone tell if this is a fake?


Where Will du
I can better explain it in German.
Is it a problem?

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I saw this on ebay today and had to share with the Samurai-heads here on SF: .  Is this or is this not the most hideous pair of douche-bag-only jeans ever?   Oh...and whats up with the fit...and the model...$399!?!...LOL






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The Brand is: LRG x Prohibit not Samurai! Maybe the model Samurai.These jeans will not Nogami-san!

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Clutch Denim Gallery McCoy Iron Heart Flat Head Pure Blue Samurai
You pay Keyholder in the middle


(my japan Jeans Stuff)

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Samurai 0500XX :: 4y/o = about 18mos effective wear

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Samurai Yamato 001jp :: 3y/o = 14mos effective wear

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here's mine after @4yrs = 18mos+ effective wear.
these [true blues] are like the "True Blood" of the denim world.
'just won't die ... nor fade away.

*available light vs **direct sunlight

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some new wares for winter: blue in green just got in their most recent 710 samurai collabo. details for the black hawks already up on BiG.

BiG blog post

710 black hawk
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Do you guys ever heard samurai made in usa?someone offered me an early model of samurai s0511xs it is in this website Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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If anyone is interested, I have put a pair of 510XX21oz up for sale on eBay, item # 321223559942 .

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s710XX SU1 @W34_ current fit @4yrs

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nice. love my sammys in the winter.
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