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It's easier for them to break in, if they are tight on the ball of the feet than at the toe. Toes tend to flex and scrunch from the tightness. It lessens the pressure on leather and makes it hard to break in at the toes. If it's only a little snug, you can take them to a shoe cobbler. They will use a shoe stretching device and shoe stretch liquid to apply constant pressure in the toebox for a few days. The more stretching that is needed, the longer it will take. If it needs a lot of stretching, it's best to get the right shoe size. Excessive stretching could make the toe box look bloated compared to the rest of the shoe.
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Thanks everyone. I've been focused on AEs because they're ubiquitous, come in all kinds of sizes, and can be had on deep discount even new. I've heard all the "what would you do if you started over" discussion about first buying top-notch shoes, so I don't want to scrimp now and pay later. Still it's a pretty big leap from $200 Fifth Avenues to $375 Aldens and C&Js from Pediwear. It makes sense that the shoes will stretch less width-wise just from toes. I could take another look at 9.5 Ds. Is there another last in AEs that offers a less tapered/more rounded toebox? Or another company/last you'd recommend? Doc Holiday? Thanks guys.
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They're out there, but it will take some digging. And, if you're like me, the fit issue likely will require some trial are error. You can keep an eye on Brooks' site for sales -- it's not uncommon for shoes to drop to $200 in the clearance section. They have a great return policy if things don't work out. Also, RIDER, a member here, is the U.S. rep for Martegani and often lists styles on eBay for $150 and less -- sometimes substantially less. Ideally, though, you'd go and try the shoes on. Hit up Nordstrom Rack and other such discounters. (Even when buying in person, my fit issue can still make it tough to know what size to buy. I have a pair of boots that are either perfect or going to be a bit too tight. But trying 'em on is still better than not trying 'em on.)
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uiriamu, Did you buy the shoes online? It may be more convenient to have the shoe cobbler stretch the shoe than to ship them back. The shoe cobbler will charge $9-12 for a pair. That's about the same price as ground shipping. You can also try thinner socks. All the other AE lasts should provide more toe room. The 5 last is the most narrow and pointed last.
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Originally Posted by hth2002 View Post
All the other AE lasts should provide more toe room. The 5 last is the most narrow and pointed last.

And ironically one of their most popular
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thanks, yes, I had them shipped. Good to know how much a shoe cobbler would charge. I'm deciding between keeping them and possibly having them stretched, or returning them and getting something else. What I probably need to do is get up to NY again in the next week or two and try on some actual Aldens and C&Js and see if I like them enough to spend just about twice as much. Really would hate to roll the dice and end up with shoes that don't really fit AFTER discovering SF.
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