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Are theses Polo’s made by C&J?

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They are made in England and cost $595 (Darlton Blutcher Shoe): Jon.
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If it says Bench Made in England then they likely are. That's an awful price for C&J though. Try pediwear.
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Yes, C&J. They are made of shell cordovan so the price is not as outrageous as you would think.
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Very similar shoes have been going for $249 on Ebay, in shell cordovan. Of course, you can't return them if they don't fit I don't think. There are a couple sellers who seem to have alot of Polo/C&J cordovan shoes lately.
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As to the Polo logo English Benchmade shoes, I think that the black versions are calfskin, and the brown's are shell cordovan. Mostly, if not all, made by C&J. I have NO idea why Polo insists on charging the same price for them. The Brown's are quasi-reasonable at full retail, although way over my comfort price zone. I don't see the point in getting the black calfskins at $595. I think this is the C&J Dover, which is 235 british pounds, 200 without VAT on pediwear(I'm guessing 380-450 USD when you figure in the conversion, shipping and fees). I got mine in the wingtip style for half off at, and like kabert says, a number of the brown shells have been on Ebay for 225-275. Shoe runs a little tight, widthwise, compared to most US Made shoes at my size (10.5 D)
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Well, I only pictured the black, but I was thinking about purchasing the brown version anyways. As well, I can wait till seasons end when they go on sale. Jon.
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A couple of yrs ago, I hit an outlet right after they got a shipment of the C&J, and when they were having a shoe sale, even though these had just come it. Picked up 15-20 of these(monkstraps, bucks, spectators, hunting shoes) between $75-$125 per pair. Was very happy with the purchasr even if some I've never worn more than once. I spen almost as much getting the C&J shoetrees (I cleared out the Jermyn St stores supply) as I did on the shoes. (longing for days of a $1.40 Pound.)
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