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hottest newswoman

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nightowl, You're always going on about how hot the ladies are on the FOX 'news' cable were. I admit that I always had a crush on Kiran Chetry, and would mute the sound so I wouldn't have to listen to the 'news' on that channel. Well, I've found somebody even hotter: Lara Logan. She's perfect. And, she's got this incredibly sexy south african accent.
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i always had a thing for mishal husain when she was an anchor for bbc world news. amazing eyes, hair, but never got a glimpse of the body. i knew everything was going to be okay when i listened to her cultured delivery.
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I was transfixed by some super hot halfie on CNN in the airport recently, can't recall her name, though. koji
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I used to have heavy lust for Rosemary Church of CNN, although I haven't seen her for a while.
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Unless we are limited to the US, I think that any "hot news anchor" discussion would have to start and end with Melissa Theuriau.
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Though I wil admit to all of the above ranking at or near the top, Kiran will remain my favorite.....although Melissa Theuriau is a hottie...and Lara Logan, she might be a top 10 contender, and the accent is appealing, but unless she has the legs to go with the smile, my #1 is still a FOX hottie, why do you think they call it FOX News.
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Daljit Dhaliwal. -Jeff
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debrah norville of nbc news at sunrise (when i was 12.)
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uh, this thread needs more pictures
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uh, this thread needs more pictures
Don't look at me, I did my job.
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For some reason I think the redhead on CNN, Heidi Collins, is hot.
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I need to watch more TV news.
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I'd vote for Leslie Miller, but she doesn't do news anymore.
(After six years, Leslie Miller is resigning from the anchor position at Q13 FOX) in all this time, i have not once seen this woman's ears. those of you outside the seattle area may not believe me, but it's absolutely true. her hair is like this impenetrable shield that hides them really well. it doesn't move, it just cups itself around her head and keeps her ears warm, i suppose. i have a few theories about this hesitance to show off her auditory meatus: 1. she has no ears. it's some sort of rare birth defect where she was born with the ability to hear, just no actual ears. she has holes in her head like a lizard. 2. she has enormous ear plugs and has to hide them when she's on air. the second half of this theory is that she's also tattooed extensively from the neck down. 3. her ears are either way too big, or so tiny that you can hardly see them. 4. she's really an alien, and her ears give that away (you know, like spock). 5. it's a really funny inside joke to her, one that the television watching public of seattle hasn't been let in on. in any case, leslie miller i salute you and your resolve to keep your ears hidden. you are incredibly cute and fun to watch on tv and seattle will miss you. but won't you show us your ears just once before you go? -from the page the picture is on.
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She DOES, BTW, have at least *one* ear... though thats not a very good picture of her.
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