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Ruined suit?

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Many years ago I had a Canali light grey suit's sleeves taken in by one inch. Problem was it was taken in by the sleeve end not the shoulder end.  So the micro-holes from the original button hole stitch still show as the sleeve buttons were moved up the sleeve. Any way to flatten or eradicate these needle micro-holes pls?  Not very noticeable but I know they are there and that bothers me alot. Still wear it or give it to charity?
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One option might be to apply heat to the affected area and hope that the material will shrink and cause the holes to disappear. Be sure to use a press cloth so that your iron doesn't create a mark or leave a sheen. A tailor or cleaner would have the equipment to do this, if you'd rather have someone else handle it. Sometimes you can manually tug at the material from different directions and get small holes to close up, just by tightening the material.
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I wonder about the material the suit is made from. Apply a bit of heat and steam to a wool fabric and the holes will be gone before you can say "Jack Robinson". I presume you had the alteration done by a tailor, who would have pressed it as a matter of course. Thereafter you had the suit cleaned occasionally; again the suit would have been pressed. On the other hand if the material is either cotton or silk (or all-synthetic micro fibres) then the holes might be permanent. Be very careful with steam and a damp cloth on silk, it could stain it forever.
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