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loro piana suit?

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Never seen one of these in person.. Any info on Loro Piana? I'm curious to know what the waist supression is like. A couple things turn me off - pleated pants and zipper fly, but the price seems very low. Would like to hear the basics if anyone can help me out. I only know that their fabrics are widely used for MTM.
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All I know is that their cashmere is of very, very high quality.
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Is this a suit made by or for Loro Piana, or a suit made with Loro Piana wool? The only labels I'm seeing indicate that the fabric is LP wool. Nothing on the maker. It could be fused for all we know. That being said, I'm guessing 36R is a hard size to find.
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It's probably just made of LP wool, but judging from the pictures, the lapels don't look fused. Not sure about the rest of the thing, though.
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Yes youre right, those are fabric tags. It looked like a label to me.
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Looks like a scam-suit to me. Maybe Loro Piana fabric, but I don't see anything indicating that Loro Piana actually constructed and sewed the suit.
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100% fused suit from Century 21 in NYC. Not bad, but avoid at that high price (if you absolutely needed a suit, I'd say buy it for $150).
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I know that Loro Piana makes some suits, but I think that it is only bespoke. That suit you linked to is definitely not one of them, as other posters said, it is probably just LP fabric.
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It's a scam. Fabric is by Loro Piana, on a probably poorly constructed and very common design suit. Avoid it. .luc
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All I know is that their cashmere is of very, very high quality.
Loro Piana doesn't make only one grade of cashmere. Some are better, some are just good. As for their other wholesale fabrics, some suck, some are absolutly perfect.
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I actually had the chance to try on a Loro Piana suit in Montreal. I don't know whether it was just perfect for my body type but it fit like a glove. The material was spectacular, and as far as I could tell, it wasn't fused. I also didn't think to ask about the suitmaker, falsely believing that they might actually make the suits themselves. Goes to show what I know.
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