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Originally Posted by p.o.t.u.s View Post
Any ideas on a similar chukka at a lower price? (Say, <$150?) I'm having a lot of trouble finding a decent non-chunky chukka at that price point.

I have this Herring Campden Chukka. It's made by Loake, benchmade and nicely sleek. Here are some pictures I made for another thread. If you happen to get them on sale (as I did) they are GBP 95 shipped internationally which is ~ 145 USD.
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Originally Posted by xchen View Post
Shell Cordovan = Horse Hide Calfskin = Cow Hide Now hurry up and edit your posts before everyone else notices that you're a bunch of boobs.
Haha, so funny. I was well aware of the differences of the hides, my question had to do with the quality of the overall product, as in better sole, stitching, etc. BTW, xchen, cordovan comes from the horse's rear, hence the distinction from Front Quarter HH, what is commonly used in better quality leather jackets. And calfskin comes from calves, i.e., baby cows, not adult cows. Got it?
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AFAIK the quality of construction is exactly the same. The shell chukka is more expensive because the raw material itself is more expensive, not because the construction process is different. There are even price differences between Alden's different shell cordovan colors - black and #8 (dark burgundy) are about $550, whereas cigar and whiskey are $625, if you can find them. They're the same exact boot, but lighter colors require relatively flawless shell cordovan which is rarer and thus more expensive.
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The single greatest shoe ever created to wear with jeans. Whether cheap and faded or dark and designer. 

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