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Hi guys I have a pair of natural loafers. Almost a light beige or light camel. Anyway I wear these shoes mostly with jeans and a black shirt or sweater. To date i usually wear a top I can wear untcucked However, I have a black shirt that I want to wear tucked in with them. I can't find a belt to match the shoes anywhere. Do you guys think it is okay to wear a black belt with these shoes?
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Nope. Get a brown or tan belt, at least.
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I'm with LAG on this one. I've seen belts you described recently. What's your price range?
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i agree with the guys here. make the extra effort to find a matching belt, you'll be glad you did.
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Price hasn't been a factor to this point. The problem is finding a belt that is even close to the color of the shoes.
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