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Diagnose my suit problem

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What's the deal with this suit? I move my arms forward and the cuffs go way back, along with the shoulders going up. I am going to take it to a tailor, but I want to get some idea of what it's going to entail. This is the bespoke from the bragging thread, and I am trying to find out whether it can be made to fit me. Thanks.
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how big are the armholes?
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Not bad, they are pretty high actually. The shoulders have significant padding though. Not power suit, but they are up there a bit more than my other jackets. The back definitely needs to be let out, though.
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Well, here is Dear Leader in the suit in question. Apologies for the blurriness - there is embarrassing decor in that bathroom. And the maid has had the year off. Is it worth bothering? It will need to come up an inch at the bottom, sleeves obviously, the gorge seems okay but maybe a bit low, the button stance is a little low but not bad. The question is the shoulders. I will have Slim get a pic of the sleeve phenomenon in a while, as I can't do it myself. I am pretty skeptical though. Although it looks good while just standing there, I don't know if it's worth the effort. Oh yeah, and are the lapels wide? I'm not used to peak lapels, so it's hard to tell.
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The lapels and gorges look fine to me, although I can't comment on the jacket length without seeing your legs.
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i don't see the problem from that pic.
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suit looks great to me. fits your shoulders very well, looks a bit concave, awesome. i also like the shape and the size of the lapels. gorge is good. button stance could be a few inches higher. you sure you want to shorten the jacket? it's borderline as it is, might not be worth it if it's going to be expensive, imo.
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god, the more I look at that suit, the more I love it. I can't get over those shoulders. i'm a 40L, let me know if you decide not to keep it...
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Can you measure the space between the bottom of your armpit and the bottom of the jacket armhole? This might help us to tell if the armhole truly is at fault.
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Doesn't sound like a problem with the armhole, sounds like the back is too small. Dan
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Thanks for the input. With some borrowed confidence and some fried rice in my stomach, I feel much better about the suit. (I get pessimistic when hungry.) I will see if Slim is up to taking some action pics of me in it. The armhole seems pretty high or at least normal, but it is large at the top, because there is shoulder padding. If I decide the suit is a favorite, I would consider getting the shoulders trimmed in a bit (?) and possibly the padding thinned out. I plan to take it in to a tailor tomorrow for an eval.
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Okay, here are the pics. In the manner of cuffthis, our most prolific self-pic poster, I will identify the background objects: -Original poster (seen in mirror) of Lenin by the CCCP (don't worry, I'm not a commie, I just like propaganda artwork) -'fete a 30 ans' poster by Photo magazine -Alarm clock by Sony -Phone charger by LG -rolling desk drawer-cum-nightstand by Ikea -wavy mirror also by Ikea -thermostat by Honeywell, IIRC Jeans and shirt on the bed by RL and RLPL respectively. Plain white shirt on me by Polo. Navy tie with tiny white spots on me by some random maker. Shoes by AE.
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Yeah, I'm sure the back seam will need to be let out. What do you mean by "close in the waist"? I can actually pull the waist button a good 3-4" away from my body, for reference. Edit: also, I think the collar may have to be shortened. There are the ripples from the pulling across the shoulders, but it also is close to bunching up there a bit.
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Hopefully this all turns out well. This suit is really worth saving and should make our Beloved Leader shine even more brightly. It's probably a matter of the back seam. B
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