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A local store (Alex Designer Consigner, for those in the DC area) has started carrying a Canadian brand called Dubuc.  To my amateur eye, the pieces looked interesting, a bit similar to what Costume National might put out.  Do any of you, particularly the Canadian members of SF, have any additional info on this brand?  If so, what are your impressions?
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Label out of Montreal. Very body conscious cuts, often with lots of hardware. Lots of Black. A lot more synthetic and a lot lower quality materials than Costume National imo. The only place I've seen it outside of Canada is at Market in Boston.
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Snap them up right now. I've bought three shirts from Dubuc, all of which are quite lovely. They do a good line in slightly unusual takes on more classic shirt styles; bib-front formal shirts with inverted pleats and unusual plackets, angled cuts on the french cuffs, two button collar stands, slim cut bodies. I might call them "fashion forward" if I knew what that meant properly. I'll see if I can work out how to post some pictures up here. My only complaint is that they don't have removable collar stays. I paid about $100 CDN per shirt, though apparently they retail for $250 CDN. I'm not sure I'd want to pay that much, (as noted by LA Guy, they're not the finest cotton, although none of mine have any poly in them) but they're great pieces that never fail to receive a compliment. --Edit Ooh. I just found them: here
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