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Used Clothes

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I have seen that a number of members get incredible bargains on pre-worn suits and clothes. I'd like to take advantage of some of these bargains as well, except for the fact that I am repulsed at the thought of wearing someone elses clothes. Has anyone else felt the same as I do, but has found a way to get over it? If so, how did you do it? I may be the only one that feels this way about pre-worn clothes, I'm relatively new here so I mean no disrespect to anyone.
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I've never felt that way but I'm always sure to give it a good cleaning weather it may be at home or the dry cleaners. With the amount of money you save buying from e-bay or whatever, it's worth it
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why's: If you purchase brand new clothes in a boutique, it's likely that someone has tried on the clothes before, or even taken them home and returned them to the retail store. Unless you get all of your clothes made to measure or bespoke, it's likely someone will have worn what you purchase. That said, purchasing used products is a bit different than something that has been tried on or worn several times, so finding good condition products is a must, and then a thorough dry cleaning helps as well.
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First of all, it's not "used," it's "gently pre-owned."   As long as a garment is in good condition, and is not permeated with cigarette smoke and/or B.O., I don't see the big issue -- you can always give it a good cleaning before wearing it. I do draw the line at underwear, bathing suits, and shoes, however.
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I know some people do (e.g. Stylestudent, globetrotter, IIRC) but I just don't care. With the exception of underwear, which is just gross to think about. A newly-dry cleaned suit is probably 'cleaner' of other people's oils, smells, dead skin and other gross stuff than one that has just come from the factory (where countless people handle it), or been tried on by various people in a store. If you want to really gross yourself out, find out how many people touch your lettuce before you eat it. And you can't get that dry cleaned.
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I'm a little weirded out by used shoes, and totally put off by most clothes that fit against the body (t-shirts, etc.). When it comes to suits, especially, though, people don't tend to wear them that often, and tend to treat them well. The worst is buying new shoes, and they bring out a pair that's beat up - either tried on a lot, or returned. My local Nordstrom recently had a pair of otherwise beautiful Santoni captoes on display that had a slightly scuffed sole and significant creases... worthless to me, but ptobably $400 to someone else. Maybe I was inoculated against this fear of used clothes by the fact that all I wore from age 1-15 were hand-me-downs
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Maybe I was inoculated against this fear of used clothes by the fact that all I wore from age 1-15 were hand-me-downs
Same here, to some degree. Related: Personally, I consider it an extremely guilty pleasure to pay full retail for something I just have to have. This is extremely rare.
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Thank you for all the thoughtful responses. I think I will give "gently pre-owned" suits a try. I love quality clothing... and I love a great deal as well.
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Oddly enough, on the local afternoon drive radio show, they were discussing this very topic. The best quote was from one of the callers who said "I never wear used clothing, I only buy certified pre-owned suits".
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I don't believe that someone who was wearing a "gently preowned" suit that first retailed for $3,000+ was doing very much sweating in their business clothes. In some respects you should feel sorry for the suit. No more champagne limo rides with the blondes. At least for a while..
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I don't mind wearing pre-owned, used clothes (or shoes) one bit, as long as they are still in good shape, or otherwise have character. Plus, as others have mentioned, I wore hand-me-downs growing up, as did my siblings.
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I don't mind buying "pre-owned" suits and sport coats but that's about it. Shirts I might be able to bend my head around but that's as far as this cat will go.
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My suits are used. I'd never buy used online because I want to sniff them. Got burned only once -- smelled OK in the thrift shop, got it drycleaned anyway, and after wearing it about an hour it really smelled. I find it's safer at high-end consignment shops, but you pay more. The thrift shops are worth the gamble if the price is low enough. I have two extremely nice wool trousers that I bought used. I don't buy used shirts or shoes. Aside from the hygeine issue, I want the shoes to break in according to my feet.
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I have known a coule of people that would not buy used upholstered furniture for the same reason.
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Besides, suit jackets are not worn directly on the body, and is worn most likely on top of several other layers like an undershirt, a shirt and possibly a vest. Even the collar does not make contact with the neck (unless it is badly made for the previous owner, in which case the collar rides up the shirt collar), so, I don't think I will mind much about wearing used suit jackets. But I think as long as they are properly cleaned, I wouldn't mind wearing clothes closer to the body like t-shirts, pants, etc, but definitely not underwear. WJTW
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