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JL Portmans (Prestige Line) showing very little wear. On the 7000 last and marked 9E UK. My experience (I'm a 9.5US narrow) with the 7000 last is that 8.5 UK is perfect, 9 just a little large. So I think these would fit a large 9.5 or a 10 US. Others may have had different experiences with the 7000 last.

Could end up a very good deal.

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I think I may have blew it with these AE Bradleys in shell, not not labeled as such. I bid early to prevent the seller from selling them out of the auction, then forgot to make a final, larger bid. I hope someone here got them. I probably would have flipped them anyways. They went really cheap.
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Seller says they are Edward Green, I suppose we'll have to take his/her word for it.
Never seen anything similar in the EG catalogue:

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AE Suede Wingtip Boots w/ commando sole in 9:

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^^^ Those are sweet.
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^ I see what Tarmac did there...
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JM Weston lizard belt. Good price. It's either elegant or pimpin' based on your perspective. One thing it's not is "trad".


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Originally Posted by whacked View Post
^ I see what Tarmac did there...

Keyword alert.
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my sense is that the owner paid more to refurbish the shoe than they are worth. As such, you should probably move on. However, I'm not familiar with the "special" model and maybe they have more value than the regular cheaneys...or perhaps these are made by church?
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New Lobb Chapels, with trees, for $800 BIN. UK 8E.

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^ gone already.
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Nice vintage suede Trickers though the asking price is high:

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Santoni FAM Wholecut US 11 D, auction starting at $395.

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Nice pair of vintage alligator slip-ons, not sure of the maker
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