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I believe they're for Highland dress.
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there was a pair of ghillie Crockett and Jones a few months ago sold by Johnny Gill. Yes that Johnny Gill. It only got something like $70.
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Can anyone tell if this is a matching pair:

There is a large bump on the left boot that I can't see on the right one.

Could this be from paper stuffed inside the left boot, or is it a different design?
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Yes, they are matching.
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Vintage Time Guys

McAfees your're after is it? Suede ones? Look a bit NOS to me...

And some vintage NOS spectators? 8.5Cs 7.5Ds for the smaller gentleman

AE monks
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Awesome suede EGs (for PL) in size 8.5 U.S., almost new, for $375 BIN:
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Same seller also has these new Campanile wholecuts in size 9:

And he also has a pair of vintage Nettleton alligator loafers and a pair of Tramezza lizard loafers (which I think have been mentioned here previously).
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The cap toes are a strong winner in this race - the colour and elastic of the chelseas look dated. Wear the suede well!

Originally Posted by vinouspleasure View Post
I'm heading to london in a couple of weeks on business. Given the strength of the pound vs. the dollar, I'm thinking there's not going to be too much shopping but I'm having ebay packages sent to our office.

what do you guys think of these? The price seems to be right but I'm on the edge in terms of style....

and these look nice:

but are a little more expensive...
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I didn't search the thread to see if these were posted yet. New, old stock Made in USA Cole Haan blucher:
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starting price $1: some size confusion in the auction...
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Originally Posted by AlanC View Post

well, if a_certain_jackass sees them, they might become priceless.
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I'm thinking about bidding on this but the seller doesn't have pictures of the soles...also I like the medallion but I'm not sure if I like the other stuff...
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