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this thread has really declined...

H&H shooting jacket, allegedly new with LOW BIN:

H&H pocketknife:

A&F spurs:

Donaldson Williams & Ward old bespoke DB overcoat:

Maxwell spurs:

Sulka swiss cotton robe:

Smythson desk set:

Tanner Krolle suitcase:

McAfee shoes:

McAfee golf shoes:

A Suitable Vintage English cravat so you can express your inner Will/J-Lib (minus double secret AE spectators):

This seller is on crack:

Bulwer-Lytton's dressing case, anyone?

Peal & Co "Sam Browne", as in "He was later found to have hanged himself with his Sam Browne after the chaplain made a pass at him":

This is the sort of stuff I would keep for myself, you're welcome you ungrateful lot:

Used Cleverley RTW suede:

English-made loafers for Lord & Taylor, of all things:

Foster & Son RTW slipons, not sure who by -- Barker or someone? Interesting design nonetheless:

Old-school lasted hinged Peal shoetrees:

New low BIN Peal suede boots:

Gorgeous OLD vintage Hermes suitcase:

Vintage croc blotter:

And matching croc box:

SAB boots:

Wathne gloves:

new Glenroyal bridle hide billfold:

G&H harlequin silk scarf:

Asprey leather & silver card case:

Asprey leather-cased silver flask:

Silver matches case by Deakin & Francis:

Silver & amber cigarette holder for teh LK:

Asprey croc & silver jar, probably formerly for pipe tobacco:

Very nice Kilgour new patent loafers:

Again, the most awesome Marinella tie ever, in your face Manton!

BB equestrian braces, on sale:
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Originally Posted by RJman View Post
this thread has really declined...

It is probably inevitable. Interesting items on ebay have got scarcer and scarcer
Does anyone know ebay alternative auction site?
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Nice stuff.

I was hoping that Mappin & Webb desk set would go under the radar, but the bidding started a few days ago.
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Originally Posted by summej2 View Post
Nice stuff.

I was hoping that Mappin & Webb desk set would go under the radar,
sry man.

White patent leather McAfee slipons for NM

Mr. Fish shirt and tie!!!

Old Papworth suitcases:

English-made pheasant-theme braces:

A&F golf ball monogrammer (!!):

A&F crystal decanters in carrying case (!!!!):

T&A cufflinks:

Tanner Krolle for Aston Martin suitcase:
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Just to show RJ that someone here follows up on his lists, here's information from the seller of the largish medium Holland&Holland shooting coat (still at $18 USD):

"Hi shipping cost will £12.50 your right it is a size medium.the tag your refering to i am not sure what you mean the photo of the rear shows a toggle for the drawstring waist the front photo shows a piece of brown leather trim and a velcro fastener at the middle.sleve length is 19.5" and the armpit to armpit is 26.5""

No country of origin but must be England or Italy.

It's a nice piece at a good price (there have been remarkably few outdoor jackets on EBay for the last 6-7 months).

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Victorian court uniform Dunn & Co. top hat, sold as circa 1927. English-made chelseas, flawed and no maker listed, but new and cheap. Do you feel lucky? Size 9. And in green suede. Barker Black side-lacers, size 8 UK, with light wear. New Barker Black gray suede chukkas in UK 9.5. English-made ET Wright monks, size 9EE, with $29.99 opening. These are by Sanders, I assume, and are sturdy shoes at the price. Showerproof glen plaid coat, made in England. Bet it looks better in person than in the pics. Union jack running shorts, for your inner Austin Powers. Gieves buckshot tassle loafers in size 11 UK. With the recent interest in capes, here's Tom Hanks' from The Ladykillers.* Secret erotic girl in an owl. *I would not mind owning this, and likely would be tempted to wear it if I did. Sometimes, I must confess, I grow concerned SF is encouraging me in certain untoward tendencies, such that I may yet turn into its own resident Professor G.H. Dorr.
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post

Bizarre. Good bizarre.

One question: what search terms did you use to find that!?
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I'm selling some interesting shoes on eBay. 7 day auction starting at $1 with no reserve.

Alden model 2160 cap toe bluchers in #8 Shell. Size 10.5 D

Pre-Prada Church's plain toe bluchers in near-new condition. Marked 9 D. Totally awesome vintage trees included.

Bid! Bid! Bid!
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^ nice stuff dude. Esp. the Aldens and I'm not usually fond of Alden's styling. Maybe it's the flattering photo angle.
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Lobb dress loafers black/burgundy, size 9M low current bid but 5 days left. They look to be in decent shape.

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