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I think they are Ed Green that had a bad resoling job done. Certainly not bespoke though.
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I contacted him re the c&j and he started a bidding war with an unknown person who was offering him 300 euro. I was thinking about it but when he changed the shipping to 65 euro (from the 39 listed in the auction) I decided to pass. I guess 500 or so shipped for these is still a good deal but I am a US9 and this would have been pushing it
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These will make someone lucky. Want to build up a nearly complete shoe collection - check Got 7,5 UK with C&J - check Go get them.
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Wow ... Just WOW. Good thing this isn't my size!
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Shake a leg, you bananaheads! There's all kinds of great stuff on teh ebayz, this is just a couple of dust bunnies from my daily sweepings:

Aquascrotum for Chat-bite cashmere coat:

Leather desk blotter:

Gieves leather and silver cigarette case:

Smythson leather magnifying glass:

Hermes for Paul Dupre Lafon leather notepad:

Real horn shoehorn:

Pickett "racing green lizzard" card case:

Asprey case:

Hip flasks of all kinds:

Harrods shoe case:

Garrick Anderson four-panel pocket square:

Morabito gambling-themed tie:

Kent real handmade brush:

Asprey shoulder bag:

RJ thick 100% cashmere socks:

Low BIN English-made Cole Haans (for EU):

Ostrich leg Tanner Krolle card case:

Tortoiseshell book:
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Whangee Fox umbrella, in the UK. These Cheaney monks are pricey, but they're almost new and in the desirable side-buckle style. Plus, they're brown, though note that someone tried to darken them.
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Interesting wingtips.. NOS Hanover Imperial

$47 current bid with 6 hours remaining

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I own a pair of Stuart's Choice captoe bals similar to these and they're great.

Ron's posted some new stuff, including a pair of black perfed captoes in 8.5 for $150 BIN. He also has these red drivers in size 8 for $45 BIN.
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great style, but it looks heavily used.
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throw a lowball offer and resole it maybe?
I thought commando soles can be easily repaired/resoled?
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This must have sucked:
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Umm ... the left is 10.5D, the right is 11D, and they STILL want $250 for BIN and $199 to start? Good luck ...
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11.5 Gravatis currently at only $39.99...
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A better style for the side zip boot from AE.
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Here's a nice find. I came this close to buying them knowing that an identical pair sold very quickly in the B&S forum. Enjoy!

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Seller has theese in 9,5D us This seller has this NICE chukka sz11,5 If this chucka was in my size, I wouldn't post ...
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